Do you know SOUL OBJECTS? I think everyone knows soul objects and has some favorite soul objects for his own. But do you know the store SOUL OBJECTS? If you don’t it is time to check it out. SOUL OBJECTS is a great store in the heart of Berlin, Germany. In short: you get there vintage & antique furniture, curious beard grooming products and barbershop supplies,  non-standard accessories,  a lot of handmade, unique stuff & bags, vintage rum & whiskey, gin, wine, art and, and, and so on. It is a must to check their site to learn more about this great store and its owners Kornelius & Oliver, men full of soul – they live what they sell. Look at the wonderful store photos full of soul below … awesome. Anyway, some weeks ago i ordered a new fragrance and another gin for my collection. Best choice! The Bois 1920 DOLCE DI GIORNO – Eau de Parfum is really something special. It would be too much to describe the smell and the idea behind this fragrance – and something more special: i got a limited art collection piece with a nice package design. DOL GIN is a direct hit for my gin collection. Great taste, not to fruity but so smooth. It is made in South Tirol, Italy. This is what the distiller says about his gin: “Florian Rabanser,  the master distiller at Plunhof,  is not only a perfectionist when it comes to the distillation of classic brandies and grappas,  but he is also overflowing with creativity and impetus when it comes to the implementation of new ideas. Two years of developmental work have brought us the first gin distilled in the region,  the first distilled only from herbs and ingredients grown here in the Dolomites. Together with the village apothecary,  we have meticulously analyzed which herbs typically used in the production of gin grow here in the Dolomites,  and which can be reasonably substituted with other local herbs. The high quality outcome is a real insiders’ tip and contains numerous plants and herbs,  which grow wildly here in the area of Mount Sciliar. Only the indispensable lemon zest is brought in from Lake Garda. We must wait another 20 years until we can grow our own lemons here in Siusi allo Sciliar.” Interested? Yes. Have a nice weekend SoulSisters and SoulBrothers – enjoy! pics | Bois 1920 & Dol Gin LTG || picsstore | Soul Objects


hi guys, there is a new grooming and skincare online shop! the WOODBERG central is located in the heart of germany, in my hometown DARMSTADT. that’s great, because so we german and european men have not to pay any f***ing customs to get f.ex. my beloved PORTLAND GENERAL STORE products from the usa  or the great TRIUMPH & DISASTER stuff from new zealand. but beside this you may think “why another online shop for cosmetics? …” nothing easier than this to explain: the guys from WOODBERG were not satisfied about the current options and so they went back to the roots and asked themselves, what would be be the ultimate online experience for men. here we go:
“ everything must be simple,  clearly structured and easy to understand | the website should deliver our modern and healthy lifestyle | men shouldn´t feel akward or uncomfortable while browsing the site | short informative category and product descriptions | optional in-depth descriptions for men who really want to know everything | the range of products had to be narrowed down to the – as we think – best ones available | natural and safe ingredients | effective products which get their job done,  especially designed for men | pre-selected sets/kits to get started,  for travel or for more experienced men | good and solid customer service” … this sounds good.

all products WOODBERG sells are especially designed for men’s needs, have the best ingredients mother nature has to offer and are engineered with the most advanced and modern techniques available. all products are tested by themselves before they´re available on WOODBERG just to make sure they are as effective as they claim. most of the products are vegan, all of them are cruelty free and ethically correct. at the moment they carry the up-and-coming New Zealand brand TRIUMPH & DISASTER,  PORT PRODUCTS and BUCKLER’S from L.A.,  handcrafted products from PORTLAND GENERAL STORE and HERBIVORE BOTANICALS, progress VULFIX and SIMPSONS shaving brushes, germany’s probably most traditionell brand SPEICK and razors from GIESEN FORSTHOFF – TIMOR. there are gonna be some more in the near future! AND soon there will be an english version of the site. check it out. great offer – good luck guys!!! i am sure you’re concept will work // woodberg on facebookpics | WOODBERG & Labels


i was really surprised when i got the package full of these utmost organic grooming products from the BROOKLYN SOAP COMPANY. rarely i got such a tasteful packed box and not to mention the look of the bottles – awesome! one of the best designs of grooming products i ever saw. and every bottle has its own handwritten paper which person from the company filled it up and a hand stamped date how long the product can be used – love this! this means something personal and human to me in this f***ing fast digital and cursory times. all products are “cooked home-style” with natural and organic ingredients. the statement “born in brooklyn – made in germany”, in HAMBURG, i do not understand really – couldn’t find any information about this. hm, anyway all products are developed and made in germany. the ingredients, even the bottles and the other hardware come from german manufactures. for more information please check their site. i got the bodywash, shampoo and beardwash – all products are since 3 days in use. the beard and the bodywash work perfect and the smell is really exciting fresh but at the same so smooth and cushy. with the shampoo i am a bit doubtful because i am using pomade, LAYRITE, a water soluble one, but i have to work it out hard. maybe i just have to take some more shampoo, hotter water … – i don’t know, i will test it. it is a pity that the pomade and the deodorant are sold out; curios to test these too. beside, in 2014 the company won the REDDOT AWARD – congrats! pics | LTG


what a great idea making perfume the way it was made 100 years ago. so the people at JUNIPER RIDGE handle every step of the process themselves, from the beginning to end. and this sounds like an adventure: “That process can look pretty ridiculous at times. We go camping. We crawl around in mountain meadows. We smell the wet earth beneath fir trees, and spend whiskey-fueled hours geeking out over the scent of wind off a glacier. We make our fragrances throughout the West Coast – on dirt roads and trails, around campfires, and in our Oakland, California workshop. All to capture the quiet beauty of the Mojave Desert at sunrise,  or a late-season Sierra trailhead with winter right around the corner.” i got 2 fragrances of this delicious smelling JUNIPER RIDGE fragrances. these are the backpacker’s colognes BIG SUR and SISKIYOU. find out more about the smelling and JUNIPER RIDGE  checking the links. in germany you get the fragrances via VATER&SOHN, hamburg. pics | LTG


for me the MONOCLE series from CDG is one of my absolute favorites since years. last week the third fragrance was launched: SUGI. before there was HINOKI and LAUREL. SUGI’s top note is cypress and an intensive but so nice pepper smell. the heart note is of iris and virginia cedarwood while the base note is of pine and vetiver. a distinctive fragrance far away from mainstream. this is what my favorite fragrance dealer AUS-LIEBE-ZUM-DUFT writes about: “Created in Paris by Comme des Garçons head perfumer Antoine Maisondieu the light, energising and sophisticated fragrance is inspired by the sugi – also known as the Japanese cedar – which is a popular ornamental plant in Japan. Sugi is a refreshing unisex fragrance,  beginning with top notes of Mediterranean cypress and pepper from Madagascar,  followed by iris from Florence and cedar from Virginia, finishing with notes of pine and Haitian vetiver. “We’ve been working with Comme des Garçons for four years on Sugi and wanted it to bring a new dimension to our fragrance range,” says Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûle. “Sugi sits seamlessly alongside Hinoki and Laurel as a distinctive Monocle scent but brings an added clean, fresh and delicate appeal.“ From the amazing yellow box, to the graphic design, every element of Sugi’s packaging was created by Monocle creative director Richard Spencer Powell and his London design team to reflect the sophisiticated and intelligent values of both magazine and Comme des Garçons. The fragrance is presented in a bold yellow matte-glass bottle with similarly distinctive yellow packaging, again featuring Monocle’s highly recognizable font and design. © First in Fragrance (p/sc)”. pics | LTG


okay, now it’s just 8:00 o’clock in the morning and the thermometer shows 27°C here at middle germany near frankfurt. the weather forecast told us that there will be about 37–40° in the afternoon. so, this is a day to wear short chinos, a hawaii shirt and some boat shoes. sorry, but i hope it will get colder the next days because as a middle european it is 10 degrees too hot for me while working. pics | LTG

shirt | MALIHINI, vintage hawaiin shirt, made in hawaii, from the 50s
shorts | DOCKERS K1, made from Galey & Lords Cramerton twill
belt | DUKES