2 weeks ago I got a parcel from a sender I did not know: MICHAEL UHLEMANN. Okay. It was so niced packed that I got curios. MICHAEL wrote me such a friendly, kind and nice handwritten letter in which he said thx to me for the inspiration he got reading Life-Time-Gear-blog. I got really emotionally … you must know this box and the letter seemed to appear from the nowhere. After checking what person MICHAEL is, I got more excited. He is a well known and experienced cook, who worked with star cooks like Dieter Mueller and Jean Claude Borgueil. MICHAEL started his carrier as an Event-Cook for german high end kitchen producer GAGGENAU. What a pleasure that he send me a choice of his handmade spices – I will try these soon. The smell is unbelievable! And look at the pretty designed glasses. When he is not making spices, MICHAEL offers a wide range of catering services. His company “cuisine m.” plans, organizes, designs and realizes all the “culinary details” for nearly every occasion. MICHAEL prepares best stuff @ his kitchen and does the finish where his clients want him to. Sounds good, looks good – check the site and when you do this don’t miss MICHAEL’s blog: awesome. When MICHAEL is not cooking he loves fishing, hiking or plays the drums in a band named “The Cartwrights” – beside, a drum set is placed in his kitchen – pretty cool. 
pics | LTG | Michael Uhlemann

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