Last weekend I went to Krefeld to visit my Soulbrother Michael Uhlemann c/o Cuisine M and his companion in life Sylwie. Micky celebrated his birthday on Saturday at Cuisine M, a very cool and stylish location which is part of the old Krefeld slaughterhouse. I arrived on Friday and did some shots before the party started. In the afternoon I met Micky’s friends Uwe Tauber Maker of Bespoke Leathergoods and his partner Janine. So wonderful people – I got new dear friends! The evening went on with cooking together and a pre-party to hurrah Micky at 00:00! What a relaxed and smooth evening with great food and wines. The party on Saturday was a blast with Micky’s Family and his best friends. And at last I met Ingo Keller c/o Schuhgott, Cologne, and his wife Andrea. Milan and Robert made the perfect music for a perfect evening! It was hard for me to say Good-bye on Sunday after these amazing days with best friends … hope to see you all very soon!

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My soulbrother Michael Uhlemann Master Chief of Cuisine M. send me some pics of his new Tellason aprons made of 14.75oz Cone Mills White Oak Denim. The apron is limited to 50 pieces and it was sadly for sure the last Cone Denim production – so something really special! The leather patch shows the “TEN” logo standing for the 10th anniversary of Tellason. “Michael is Tellason”, he is the biggest Tellason fan I know and so it is fantastic that they made an apron that he can use when cooking – maybe they did it especially for Michael 😉 who is already longer a very good friend to Tellason’s Pete & Tony and Distributor Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution, who love his way to cook so much and above all his personality and his loyalty to the brand … do you know anyone who has a “Tellason Wall Of Fame” at home? I know!
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2 weeks ago I got a parcel from a sender I did not know: MICHAEL UHLEMANN. Okay. It was so niced packed that I got curios. MICHAEL wrote me such a friendly, kind and nice handwritten letter in which he said thx to me for the inspiration he got reading Life-Time-Gear-blog. I got really emotionally … you must know this box and the letter seemed to appear from the nowhere. After checking what person MICHAEL is, I got more excited. He is a well known and experienced cook, who worked with star cooks like Dieter Mueller and Jean Claude Borgueil. MICHAEL started his carrier as an Event-Cook for german high end kitchen producer GAGGENAU. What a pleasure that he send me a choice of his handmade spices – I will try these soon. The smell is unbelievable! And look at the pretty designed glasses. When he is not making spices, MICHAEL offers a wide range of catering services. His company “cuisine m.” plans, organizes, designs and realizes all the “culinary details” for nearly every occasion. MICHAEL prepares best stuff @ his kitchen and does the finish where his clients want him to. Sounds good, looks good – check the site and when you do this don’t miss MICHAEL’s blog: awesome. When MICHAEL is not cooking he loves fishing, hiking or plays the drums in a band named “The Cartwrights” – beside, a drum set is placed in his kitchen – pretty cool. 
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