2 weeks ago I got a parcel from a sender I did not know: MICHAEL UHLEMANN. Okay. It was so niced packed that I got curios. MICHAEL wrote me such a friendly, kind and nice handwritten letter in which he said thx to me for the inspiration he got reading Life-Time-Gear-blog. I got really emotionally … you must know this box and the letter seemed to appear from the nowhere. After checking what person MICHAEL is, I got more excited. He is a well known and experienced cook, who worked with star cooks like Dieter Mueller and Jean Claude Borgueil. MICHAEL started his carrier as an Event-Cook for german high end kitchen producer GAGGENAU. What a pleasure that he send me a choice of his handmade spices – I will try these soon. The smell is unbelievable! And look at the pretty designed glasses. When he is not making spices, MICHAEL offers a wide range of catering services. His company “cuisine m.” plans, organizes, designs and realizes all the “culinary details” for nearly every occasion. MICHAEL prepares best stuff @ his kitchen and does the finish where his clients want him to. Sounds good, looks good – check the site and when you do this don’t miss MICHAEL’s blog: awesome. When MICHAEL is not cooking he loves fishing, hiking or plays the drums in a band named “The Cartwrights” – beside, a drum set is placed in his kitchen – pretty cool. 
pics | LTG | Michael Uhlemann


I got this little companion months ago and I think this is a really nice daily knife to carry with you. Not to big, nice to touch and not so expensive – perfect for your personal wish list or as a present for some one who appreciates this beautiful LAGUIOLE by PASSIONFRANCE. I am proud of my little knife collection from PASSIONFRANCE but I must tell you that this small LAGUIOLE is the knife I mostly take with me since I got it. It has a welded bee, the blade is a 12C27 and the handle bar is made of bone. I love the details like the “croix berger” called Hirtenkreuz in German and the simple graphic “Ressort” on the back behind the bee. The open knife is 17 cm long; folded just 9 cm. For more information about the history of LAGUIOLE please check the new very well done PASSIONFRANCE website. There you can order a really great selection of French knives for all occasions, knife accesoires, … And everything is wonderful detailed described. A great option: you can customize your knives – check it! pics | LTG

 My small collection of PASSIONFRANCE knives:


yesterday i went to france to a small village named SCHEIBENHARD in the ALSAC region, just 5 miles behind the former german border line. i did art direction for one of my clients while having a photo shoot in the field with a lot of agriculture crafts to show the great range of tires and the use of these. damn, it was so hot and sticky. so it was a good decision to choose the RWS oxfords because of the traction, the comfort and the easy clean behind. sorry for these bad iphone pics from the shooting itself. but isn’t the FORD TRACTOR barn found not nice. it was built 1970 and got a new turbo machine last week. the sound is incredible. pics | LTG




for me the MONOCLE series from CDG is one of my absolute favorites since years. last week the third fragrance was launched: SUGI. before there was HINOKI and LAUREL. SUGI’s top note is cypress and an intensive but so nice pepper smell. the heart note is of iris and virginia cedarwood while the base note is of pine and vetiver. a distinctive fragrance far away from mainstream. this is what my favorite fragrance dealer AUS-LIEBE-ZUM-DUFT writes about: “Created in Paris by Comme des Garçons head perfumer Antoine Maisondieu the light, energising and sophisticated fragrance is inspired by the sugi – also known as the Japanese cedar – which is a popular ornamental plant in Japan. Sugi is a refreshing unisex fragrance,  beginning with top notes of Mediterranean cypress and pepper from Madagascar,  followed by iris from Florence and cedar from Virginia, finishing with notes of pine and Haitian vetiver. “We’ve been working with Comme des Garçons for four years on Sugi and wanted it to bring a new dimension to our fragrance range,” says Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûle. “Sugi sits seamlessly alongside Hinoki and Laurel as a distinctive Monocle scent but brings an added clean, fresh and delicate appeal.“ From the amazing yellow box, to the graphic design, every element of Sugi’s packaging was created by Monocle creative director Richard Spencer Powell and his London design team to reflect the sophisiticated and intelligent values of both magazine and Comme des Garçons. The fragrance is presented in a bold yellow matte-glass bottle with similarly distinctive yellow packaging, again featuring Monocle’s highly recognizable font and design. © First in Fragrance (p/sc)”. pics | LTG


he guys, today KAMI c/o B-74 told me that the line up for the 5TH birthday event of the shop is fixed. happy to hear that FEINSCHMUCK and PassionFrance® will be in FRANKFURT next saturday 30TH NOVEMBER. FEINSCHMUCK will show a lot of works and the upcoming new collection 2014. WOLFGANG from c/o PassionFrance® will show a selected range of his unique knives. i know what he will bring with him – exciting! so much to see, so much to tell. the event starts at about 12:00 and will end at 20:00. check the schedule below with DUKES, who will do belt customizing, live music by ROB LONGSTAFF, customized worscht, meat & sauces by WURSTFONTAENE and RAKELLE. see you at BERLINER STRASSE 74 in frankfurt next saturday! The pics show some nice works from FEINSCHMUCK, DUKES and PassionFrance i am happy to own. pics | LTG 



last week i went to WOLFGANG c/o PassionFrance with UWE E. MAIER and OLLI THE BARBER to eat one of the best meals i was served this year: a COC AU RIESLING. damn perfect – the chicken were so good. we have had a wonderful evening with a lot of talking, best food and vine. before visiting WOLFGANG i knew that i want to take a BASQUE-YATAGAN KNIFE with me home. so i did: a wonderful one with a cow horn and really nice textures. i love this extraordinary knife style so much. this BASQUE-YATAGAN KNIVE comes from the basque country, spain, and the french provinces which are near the pyrenees. the blade has its origin in the orient because the crusaders brought it to spain and the south of france when thy came back and settled down. today the knives are used by farmer and shepherds. especially tobacco grower around the BERGERAC region where tobacco is cultivated for generations like to use this BASQUE-YATAGAN KNIVE. if tobacco is reaped a jellylike juice is getting out of the plants which makes it difficult to hold the knife. so the rivets and rosettes help to get the perfect grip and developed over the years to a decorative element. the knife i bought has a 12 cm blade, the holder is made of cow horn, blade and back of the holder are needle etched. pics | LTG