Hi guys, first of all, I hope you start 2017 well! I will start this year with one of my most favorit topics: CHEVY CAMARO. Found this crazy concept just some days ago at “”. How does Keith Kaucher write to the point: “How many poor souls have lost their prized Camaro because of a new arrival to the family? Admittedly, the Camaro has never been at the top of the list when it comes to a practical family car.” It is the same with me today with my 5th gen. Mostly I drive my orange beast alone, but that’s for sure okay ;-))) So this concept from 2009 could have been the solution for a hybrid between a Camaro and a Sport Wagon. The 68 front is combined by 68 – 72 GM mid-size wagon roof narrowed to fit the F-body.

KAUTCHER CUSTOMS brought this concept to real with a 69′ Camaro. Isn’t it awesome?!

pics | kaucher kustoms +


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