Damn, want to do this post weeks ago, when I got this great shirt by KIM THE BUTCHER fresh out of the mailbox. But what shall I say … holidays, business dates and a lot to do in my real life job … okay now it works. I was so happy getting this “now sold out” shirt, because in real it looks even better than on the photo in the “THE BUTCHER SHOPPE”! Kim did the shirt because of celebrating “be into Punk for over 20 years” himself. Great idea, so I can be part of his party and the owner of this f***ing great shirt, which is a homage to his very first love the “DESCENDENTS”. You know the “Milo goes to College” cover? If you don’t you’ll find it some pics below. The shirt is a typical “Butcher” style interpretation. I think the “F.Dick” cleaver from the late 19th century is covered by “The Butcher’s” glasses. The shirt is hand printed on 200 gr cotton. And Kim, thx for all the patches — !!! pics | LTG

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