In 1976, Banzai Inc. released one of the most timeless skateboard designs in the culture’s history. Made entirely from anodized aluminum and featuring one of the world’s first double kicktails, it went on to become an icon of sidewalk surfing. 43 years after its initial release the original Banzai is back with a limited edition rerun. Limited to 50 pieces per color and size, two board sizes (23.5” & 28.5”) were reproduced in collaboration with the rights holder of the original Banzai trademark. Each Banzai skateboard comes in a high-grade collector’s box featuring signed art prints by David Carson, Jay Nelson, Nathaniel Russell, Todd Glaser or Cole Barash. All boards come with grippy urethane wheels, custom ceramic bearings, lightweight trucks, stainless mounting parts and a respective tool. Due to their hand-brushed finish the boards can be skated without grip tape and can be considered nearly water-proof. Maybe the most durable collector’s item of all time. I was no Skateboarder at any time, but I saw this beautiful collectors case at Amtraq who will distribute Banzai … and this box fits perfect to one of my office walls.

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Ad from 1977 at Skateboard Magazine UK


When I stumbled about this news and some pics in an automotive blog I thought “Damn, what an amazing idea”. The Electric Ford Bronco was developed and is produced by Zero Labs, Cal. USA. They are “… a passionate team of entrepreneurs, technology investors, advertising and media experts, financial managers, advanced race vehicle engineers, electric vehicle prototype manufactures, composite engineers, aerospace fabricators, premium classic car manufacturers, high net worth support and global industrial designers driven by a single purpose.” Zero Labs’ premium classic electric vehicles “are restored and handcrafted to show car quality seamlessly powered by a covert all-electric drive system. They are designed to be low maintenance, environment-friendly at superior luxury and refinement. Their goal is to offer everything you love, minus everything you hate. To be enjoyed now and well into the future.” Only 150 Broncos of this first edition premium electric vehicles are available for reservation. It is expected that the price can be more than $ 300.000, but maybe you know the “ICON” Bronco (see LTG Post from 2011) which is $ 250.000 up. Check the list of specifications and available options of the ZeroLab Bronco – leaves nothing to desired and using just the best materials. Great Idea. Much more information you will find @ Zero Labs and check this Videolink.

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Damn, want to do this post weeks ago, when I got this great shirt by KIM THE BUTCHER fresh out of the mailbox. But what shall I say … holidays, business dates and a lot to do in my real life job … okay now it works. I was so happy getting this “now sold out” shirt, because in real it looks even better than on the photo in the “THE BUTCHER SHOPPE”! Kim did the shirt because of celebrating “be into Punk for over 20 years” himself. Great idea, so I can be part of his party and the owner of this f***ing great shirt, which is a homage to his very first love the “DESCENDENTS”. You know the “Milo goes to College” cover? If you don’t you’ll find it some pics below. The shirt is a typical “Butcher” style interpretation. I think the “F.Dick” cleaver from the late 19th century is covered by “The Butcher’s” glasses. The shirt is hand printed on 200 gr cotton. And Kim, thx for all the patches — !!! pics | LTG


And if you don’t know Todd it’s time to know him. And what’s about the TELLASON connection? Okay, Todd Blubaugh got a close friend to Pete Searson and Tony Patella, the guys behind this great brand. This is more than 5 years ago. Todd was born and raised in McPherson, Kansas. His earliest interests were in art and motorbikes and since the age of 12, Todd has been pursuing these two passions. He currently works in film, writes, shoots, and pursues collaborations with his roommates at The Chun, a motorcycle warehouse and art space in Los Angeles. “TOO FAR GONE” is his personal account of a cross-country journey taken on his hand-built motorbike “The Red Head” after his parents’ sudden death some days before his expected road trip departure. So the open road becomes a source of artistic inspiration, psychological freedom, and spiritual healing. He spent six months on the road during his transcontinental trip. Todd has a clear vision vision about the gear that helps him on his journey – this is the point when TELLASON came into play. Pete and Tony let Todd create the new TELLASON jean “THE BLUBAUGH” from top to bottom. Their 16.5 oz. denim is their toughest so it was an automatic choice for them to use for “THE BLUBAUGH”. It has a mid-rise slim straight fit that also comes in these lengths: 30″, 32″, and 34″. All jeans sold are raw, unwashed and unworn. Cut and sewn in San Francisco, Calif.

Todd Blubaugh will be in Berlin for the Selvedge Run 4th – 6th July 2017. Meet him @ the booth of  TELLASON during the show (for trade visitors only) and get your personal copy of his latest book “TOO FAR GONE”. There will also a book signing event @ Burg & Schild Store on 5th July starting 18:30. For more details see www.amtraq.com.


With the first warm days this year and feeling a bit the spirit of summer, I wanna show you a brand new label which is now available at www.b74.de: SUNSET SURF. This label is inspired by the west coast surf culture from the early 1900’s upt to the 1980’s. The graphics are about the Southern Californian surfing expression. The fabric is well known and often copied, but never surpassed the original vintage style slub yarn made by Johnson Motors Inc. 100% ringspun slub cotton, traditional slim fit with the signature self rib and suture stitch. Cut, sewn, dyed, printed and hand finished in the city of Los Angeles. All graphic art is hand drawn. T-shirts are garment dyed and pre-shrunk. pics | B74 & freeimages


All Black is the motto of www.b74.de last and first newsletter they send out after the online shop opneing just a few days ago. A great choice while the days are getting warmer here in middle Germany – spring is all around. Get your bikes out. “WOT! NO BIKE?” …. a perfect motto printed on JoMo’s Made in California, USA of 100% Cotton. Tellason’s deep black Topper Shirt is a classic work shirt made of 7.5 oz. Japanese twill which features two chest pockets one with a flap, one pencil pocket and Corozo buttons. Made in San Francisco, Calif. USA. Comes with a Tellason pencil! Not only for the bike but perfect for this: the SIMMONS BILT SB Vintage Racer Jacket, made of heavy Steerhide in Scotland. It features a 100% heavy Steerhide shell, 2 Inside Pockets with snap Buttons, a Riri nickel/silver center zipper, zipped cuffs, 1 front breast pocket with zip, 2 hand side handwarmer pockets lining 100% cotton. Great stuff guys. pics | www.B74.de


He guys, it is OLYMPIA time. I own an official USA TEAM outfitter track jacket from 2004. Damn, time is running. I did a trip to California in 2004 and stopped by in Los Angeles. At the same time the Olympic Games took place in Athens – historic! As it was just a few days ago, I know exactly the look of the shop where I bought this jacket – but I am sorry, that I can’t remember the name and location of the shop. I think it was a “ROOT” flag ship store, but I am not sure. I love the states from being a child on and when I saw this track jacket, it was a “Must-Buy”. No wonder, that I liked the look and the well-done details even nowadays. Okay, today wondering about the fact, that this jacket was not MADE IN USA … but what a pleasure, it was made in Canada by ROOTS – and not somewhere cheap in Asia – I think you know the discussion about the TRUMP cap Made in China “Make America great again” – what a f***ing bad joke. This USA TEAM track jacket stands out for its excellent quality – right now after 12 years. “Roots went on to be the official outfitter for members of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams from 2000 to 2004, and was the official outfitter for the Canadian Speed Skating Team in 2006. Roots outfitted the United States Olympic and Paralympic Teams in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Other teams that Roots outfitted include the British Olympic Team (2002, 2004), and the Barbados Olympic Team (2004).” I wear this jacket often, when I go to the gym and I feel the looks on it – this jacket is extraordinary here in Germany. Red, white and blue worn with proud by a black, red and gold one … ! pics | LTG | © Getty Images


B74, European distributor of JOHNSON MOTORS INC., got a lot of new mens tee styles. Here you’ll find just a few of these great motives printed on different colored shirts. Made of 100% ringspun slub cotton, in our traditional slim fit with the Johnson Motors signature self rib and suture stitch. The guys from JoMo knit their own yarn that they cut, sew, dye, print and hand finish in the city of Los Angeles. All graphic art is hand drawn. T-shirts are garment dyed and pre-shrunk. My absolute favorite is style LAST MILE, the “CALIFORNIA DREAMING” helmet skull – the natural white one. The JOMO bandana is now available in four different colors: red, olive, navy and black. The colors are more intensive than in the past – cool! Check your local JoMo dealer for the new styles or contact KAMI, owner of B74, via mail at info@b-74.de or give him a direct call from MO to FR, 11:00 till 19:00, fon +49 69 293329 or Facebook pics | LTG | JoMo


what a great idea making perfume the way it was made 100 years ago. so the people at JUNIPER RIDGE handle every step of the process themselves, from the beginning to end. and this sounds like an adventure: “That process can look pretty ridiculous at times. We go camping. We crawl around in mountain meadows. We smell the wet earth beneath fir trees, and spend whiskey-fueled hours geeking out over the scent of wind off a glacier. We make our fragrances throughout the West Coast – on dirt roads and trails, around campfires, and in our Oakland, California workshop. All to capture the quiet beauty of the Mojave Desert at sunrise,  or a late-season Sierra trailhead with winter right around the corner.” i got 2 fragrances of this delicious smelling JUNIPER RIDGE fragrances. these are the backpacker’s colognes BIG SUR and SISKIYOU. find out more about the smelling and JUNIPER RIDGE  checking the links. in germany you get the fragrances via VATER&SOHN, hamburg. pics | LTG


what a crazy idea … for me: doing business with PONCHOS. but, i think i like ponchos. mainly on women. to wear it as a guy? hm?! CLINT was dressed very well in “A Fistful of Dollars“, but in real life? men wearing a poncho – is this cool? whatever california based SENOR TYRONE seems to be a cool young brand. they have a great selection of ponchos and everything they show at their well done website looks pretty cool. take a peak and get some more informations @ www.senortyrone.com. what a cool statement: “Some may call it a poncho or a wrap or a scarf or a cape. For me it is only Señor Tyrone. – Señor Tyrone.” pics | Senor Tyrone, © Clint Eastwood by Clint Easwood