You all know that I am addicted to TELLASON. And I am so happy and satisfied with my beloved pairs of Gustave styles in different ounces, but, damn, this piece of denim Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution gave me last week is the best. I love this “Ladbroke Grove”, named after a quarter of London where The Clash frontman Joe Strummer grew up, slim tapered fit in 18oz pink selvedge denim from the mill Collect Kojima in Japan from the first wear on. What a perfect fit with this 18oz.! It is a limited edition made for the 10th anniversary of Tellason (TEN), made in San Francisco, Cal., USA. So special, because only 150 pieces were produced and just 115 pieces were shipped to Europe. And me I am a lucky one … because I got one! Be fast to get one of the 114 that are left … Get your pair at VMC Originals, Zürich, or ask Amtraq Distr. for more stockists ›› This is not just another piece of Life Time Gear … no, it is a really special piece of Life Time Gear!!!

© Photos: Life Time Gear | #unbezahltewerbung


Damn, want to do this post weeks ago, when I got this great shirt by KIM THE BUTCHER fresh out of the mailbox. But what shall I say … holidays, business dates and a lot to do in my real life job … okay now it works. I was so happy getting this “now sold out” shirt, because in real it looks even better than on the photo in the “THE BUTCHER SHOPPE”! Kim did the shirt because of celebrating “be into Punk for over 20 years” himself. Great idea, so I can be part of his party and the owner of this f***ing great shirt, which is a homage to his very first love the “DESCENDENTS”. You know the “Milo goes to College” cover? If you don’t you’ll find it some pics below. The shirt is a typical “Butcher” style interpretation. I think the “F.Dick” cleaver from the late 19th century is covered by “The Butcher’s” glasses. The shirt is hand printed on 200 gr cotton. And Kim, thx for all the patches — !!! pics | LTG


I think the best presents you must give to yourself. So the day after Santa Claus I got my first subscription delivery “WEIS’SE BESCHEID”. And, damn, I’m sorry, this two words can’t be translated in English – German words playing with the meaning. Fact is, I get the next time every month 6 different bottles of white vine to try – what an adventure. As a constant reader of LTG you should know that I am a passionated white vine drinker especially Riesling is one of my absolute favorites. “UNPLUGGED” and “WEISSES RAUSCHEN” from German vineyard TESCH or from MARKUS SCHNEIDER are f***ing great. But it is my nature to check always new things and so I am really happy to find GEILE WEINE with this special subscription. The best is that you can cancel your subscription monthly, you can change it to a smaller one or to a red vine one and so on. Check the site and the options. GEILE WEINE is run by a young, dynamic team. What a great gift for vine drinkers. And you must not do a subscription to try the different stuff they offer: GEILE WEINE present a lot of special packages sorted by themes as f.ex. ”Relaxing Package”, “Vine-Punk-Box”, “Super New Years Party”, “Box for Brothers”, “Men Special” or ”Movie Package”. Creative! pics | LTG


KVELERTAK – what a great band – straight from NORWAY with a perfect hardcore, black metal and punk mix. some songs are really heavy some less, some magic melodies and riffs, rock’n’roll. the new album MEIR will be one of the best for me in 2013 for sure! 11 songs 49 minutes blowing away my mind … and the videos damn. please check them both. BRUANE BRENN is so funny. not a new idea but it is always nice to see kids doing something adults are doing, here: extreme “moshing” and rockin’. the video remembers me my own childhood when i played the drums on cans, my friends did the “air-guitar” and we dreamt together to be a rock band – long time ago… and please check the second video MÅNELYST. this one is so cruel and shocking: pure horror. absolut splattering. great what a contrast! crazy. pics & vid | © KVELERTAK