After reactivating it is great to check all my favorite sites again, which inspired me so much. Cars were always a topic of LTG. Classic cars, muscle cars … special cars. One of my most frequently visited sites was STANCE|WORKS. And it is sill a site, which is really amazing. Just check these pics of the customized W108 Benz, a 280S from 1969. A perfect “mix of old school German flair with a bit of an American hot rodder’s mentality”. Maybe you will say, this is much too extreme, because you like it the classic way, but me, I love this style so much … this Benz looks so brutal, fat and angry, but still classic. Check the site to get more information about the project and the technical refinement.
© STANCE|WORKS Mike Burroughs

[Advertisement due to tagging of brands]  

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