After reactivating it is great to check all my favorite sites again, which inspired me so much. Cars were always a topic of LTG. Classic cars, muscle cars … special cars. One of my most frequently visited sites was STANCE|WORKS. And it is sill a site, which is really amazing. Just check these pics of the customized W108 Benz, a 280S from 1969. A perfect “mix of old school German flair with a bit of an American hot rodder’s mentality”. Maybe you will say, this is much too extreme, because you like it the classic way, but me, I love this style so much … this Benz looks so brutal, fat and angry, but still classic. Check the site to get more information about the project and the technical refinement.
© STANCE|WORKS Mike Burroughs

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Something special today. Please excuse the “non-perfect” pics but I did not make these myself. My boot buddy from Facebook’s BootOC – Boot Owners Club – HOUTY send me this from his new unworn dead stock post World War II boots. Aren’t these wonderful? Best condition. He bought the boots in Amsterdam for – in German we  say: “Apfel und ein Ei” – …  an apple and an egg … what means very cheap.  Houty wrote me that the  boots are built as robust as the vintage German tank TIGER – and indeed, they look damn tight. The boots must be made in the early fifties; before this time German military boots had no laces: mybe you know the famous “Knobelbecher”. I think they are about 6″ high, have a massive profiled nailed VORWERK sole, leather insole, 6 eyelets and a metal shank at the toe. Houty put the laces of his vintage Red Wing’s Beckman to it. Best look – great deal! If you have some questions concerning to the boots, please feel free to contact Houty. pics | HOUTY



Read about this stuff somewhere some time … sorry, i don’t know it anymore and for sure it is not important. But I am really happy to find this great German GIN. Not because of its winning “WORLD SPIRITS AWARD 2015” but because of its sensational taste. But it is interesting that SIEGFRIED is the highest ranked German Gin ever at World Spirits Award 2015. Because I am not a virtuous Gin Taster – I just can tell you that I like it because of its extremely fresh spicy ginger taste – here is what the makers of SIEGFRIED say about its smell and taste:
Gentle citrus notes of bitter orange are accompanied by hints of thyme , cardamom and juniper and thus develop a harmonious complexity.
Taste:The freshness of lavender meets spicy- earthy notes of ginger, angelica root, cubeb and is finished with a subtle, warm character of linden blooms, which make SIEGFRIED to SIEGFRIED.”

I was really impressed about the taste. I just tried it pure with some ice and later mixed with some Thomas Henry tonic water on citron – great. SIEGRIED Rheinland Dry Gin is as its name tells you from the Rhine Region,  made of a composition of 18 fine botanicals.Linden blooms are used as its lead botanical. The Linden Tree has a leading role in ancient German Nibelung Saga,  when a leaf landed on Siegfried’s back,  while enjoying his bath in the blood of a dragon. “Driven by the sheer desire for honest and artisan products we have developed this premium gin. SIEGFRIED is traditionally distilled in small units from only the finest ingredients, without any industrial tools, artificial flavors or additives, with calm, patience and attention to detail.” And I love the design of the bottle – well done. You can order your SIEGFRIED directly from the distiller: SIEGRFRIED SHOP pics | LTG