On the second day of B74 Selected Goods Ordershow FW2019 I visited Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution who is a great part of this ordershow. The base of Amtraq is in the same building where Kami Hashemi’s B74 Store and Distribution is located. And again I met some good well know friends and could check up the upcoming stuff from Tellason, TSPTR, Golden Bear, East Harbour Surplus, GRP, Indigo People, Super Duper Hats, 1ST PAT-RN, Croots, Impermeable, Vetra, Orcival, Kirk Originals and Manifattura Ceccarelli. Nice to met Shantel the mastermind of international well known Bucovina Club who is a good friend of Uwe … it was again an afternoon with good vibes … © Photos: Life Time Gear

[Advertisement due to tagging of brands]  

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