Fashion Week cancelled? You bet we are holding up the flag for Frankfurt. January 2021 I joined the Amtraq Distribution Team located in the heart of Frankfurt. We invite all trade buyers to visit our Showroom Days from 5th to 9th of July here @ Massif Central Frankfurt. Take a peak and check this awesome location! See you … DM or call for your appointment ›› Amtraq Distribution

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In 1976, Banzai Inc. released one of the most timeless skateboard designs in the culture’s history. Made entirely from anodized aluminum and featuring one of the world’s first double kicktails, it went on to become an icon of sidewalk surfing. 43 years after its initial release the original Banzai is back with a limited edition rerun. Limited to 50 pieces per color and size, two board sizes (23.5” & 28.5”) were reproduced in collaboration with the rights holder of the original Banzai trademark. Each Banzai skateboard comes in a high-grade collector’s box featuring signed art prints by David Carson, Jay Nelson, Nathaniel Russell, Todd Glaser or Cole Barash. All boards come with grippy urethane wheels, custom ceramic bearings, lightweight trucks, stainless mounting parts and a respective tool. Due to their hand-brushed finish the boards can be skated without grip tape and can be considered nearly water-proof. Maybe the most durable collector’s item of all time. I was no Skateboarder at any time, but I saw this beautiful collectors case at Amtraq who will distribute Banzai … and this box fits perfect to one of my office walls.

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Ad from 1977 at Skateboard Magazine UK


You all know that I am addicted to TELLASON. And I am so happy and satisfied with my beloved pairs of Gustave styles in different ounces, but, damn, this piece of denim Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution gave me last week is the best. I love this “Ladbroke Grove”, named after a quarter of London where The Clash frontman Joe Strummer grew up, slim tapered fit in 18oz pink selvedge denim from the mill Collect Kojima in Japan from the first wear on. What a perfect fit with this 18oz.! It is a limited edition made for the 10th anniversary of Tellason (TEN), made in San Francisco, Cal., USA. So special, because only 150 pieces were produced and just 115 pieces were shipped to Europe. And me I am a lucky one … because I got one! Be fast to get one of the 114 that are left … Get your pair at VMC Originals, Zürich, or ask Amtraq Distr. for more stockists ›› mail@amtraq.com. This is not just another piece of Life Time Gear … no, it is a really special piece of Life Time Gear!!!

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One of my favorite labels referring to accessories is the brand INDIGO PEOPLE. Indigo People is founded on the love for traditional, craftsmanship and the beauty of natural indigo. Their
products are manually dyed in natural indigo and handcrafted by passionate artisans following authentic techniques with a long tradition. The fully manual production and natural dyeing process
result in little imperfections in the product. Color material and sizing variations give each item a unique appearance. I got the new look-book from Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution for a peek – and this here is just a very small selection of all the wonderful blue colored treasure. I love these batik printed bandanas so much! The stuff will be available in stores Fall 2019. For stockists check Amtraq Distribution. © Photos | Indigo People 

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A very special collaboration for TELLASON’s 10th anniversary: Unique Varsity jacket made by the renowned company GOLDEN BEAR SPORTSWEAR from San Francisco. Making leather and woolen jackets since 1922. US-Made Dark Navy Melton wool body. Full Aniline Cow leather tanned in the US for sleeves. Silver quilted Acetate lining. Wool rib knit for collar, waistband and cuffs. Inside pocket welt and hanging loop made from raw denim. Snap front closure. Chenille on leather embroidered “T” patch on chest Chenille on felt embroidered patch “10” on sleeve. Felt-sew-on lettering and chainstitch embroidery on back. Made on Potrero Hill in San Francisco.

Something really special you can call your own! Please contact Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution for your order. Order Deadline is the 5th of March ›› mail@amtraq.com.

And If you are interested in Tellason’s TEN Magazine, please contact Uwe to get a free copy ›› mail@amtraq.com. © Photos: Eric Jost c/o Life Time Gear

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On the second day of B74 Selected Goods Ordershow FW2019 I visited Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution who is a great part of this ordershow. The base of Amtraq is in the same building where Kami Hashemi’s B74 Store and Distribution is located. And again I met some good well know friends and could check up the upcoming stuff from Tellason, TSPTR, Golden Bear, East Harbour Surplus, GRP, Indigo People, Super Duper Hats, 1ST PAT-RN, Croots, Impermeable, Vetra, Orcival, Kirk Originals and Manifattura Ceccarelli. Nice to met Shantel the mastermind of international well known Bucovina Club who is a good friend of Uwe … it was again an afternoon with good vibes … © Photos: Life Time Gear

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Here just some pics of TSPTR’s new SS Collection 2019 named “APCALYPSE, NO!” Why they named their 10th collection “APCALYPSE, NO!” you can read some klicks below. TSPTR is one of my absolute favorite T-Shirt brands, but they do so much more than Tees! I just wanna show you some of the new Tee und Sweatshirt styles for upcoming Spring and Summer. As a great Peanuts, Disney and Rat Fink fan I am  … Most styles are available in different colorways. For those who never heard about TSPTR here their own “ABOUT” ››TSPTR delivers a maelstrom of 20th century American counter culture, military and sports themes with a contemporary lean. TSPTR is an acronym standing for Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste and Recognition, the five design principles of Louis Sullivan, American modernist architect, designer and ‘the father of skyscrapers’. His viewpoint was that ‘form should ever follow function’ and we subscribe to that ideal. At TSPTR we have a passion for both great design and a good story combining our experience creative backgrounds and appreciation of vintage objects to create clothing with both a purpose and a narrative all ethically sourced from the best manufacturers around the World. From garment to accessory and old to new we share the stories we love that are true soulful and need to be heard.‹‹ For stockists check Amtraq Distribution. © Photos | TSPTR

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My soulbrother Michael Uhlemann Master Chief of Cuisine M. send me some pics of his new Tellason aprons made of 14.75oz Cone Mills White Oak Denim. The apron is limited to 50 pieces and it was sadly for sure the last Cone Denim production – so something really special! The leather patch shows the “TEN” logo standing for the 10th anniversary of Tellason. “Michael is Tellason”, he is the biggest Tellason fan I know and so it is fantastic that they made an apron that he can use when cooking – maybe they did it especially for Michael 😉 who is already longer a very good friend to Tellason’s Pete & Tony and Distributor Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution, who love his way to cook so much and above all his personality and his loyalty to the brand … do you know anyone who has a “Tellason Wall Of Fame” at home? I know!
© Michael Uhlemann | Life-Time-Gear.com

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Some amazing news from Tellason ›› they will bring back the Trucker Jacket in corduroy for next fall. Now made in a fully sustainable eco-cotton fabric by the German work-wear mill Kindermann. Second color will be Vanilla. Available in stores August 2019. For stockists check Amtraq Distribution.
© Photos | Joern Pollex | Tellason

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Hi Guys, got some great shots from the East Harbour Surplus’ Collection upcoming Fall Winter 2019. East Harbour Surplus stands for vintage military work wear and Italian tailor’s craftsmanship using beautifully refined Italian fabrics. The Korea based label was founded in 2008 by Taemin Han and Fabrizio Vanni. The stuff is perfect for men who want to combine a formal look with a natural heritage twist. For stockists check Amtraq Distribution.
Photos | East Harbour Surplus | Amtraq

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