KVELERTAK – what a great band – straight from NORWAY with a perfect hardcore, black metal and punk mix. some songs are really heavy some less, some magic melodies and riffs, rock’n’roll. the new album MEIR will be one of the best for me in 2013 for sure! 11 songs 49 minutes blowing away my mind … and the videos damn. please check them both. BRUANE BRENN is so funny. not a new idea but it is always nice to see kids doing something adults are doing, here: extreme “moshing” and rockin’. the video remembers me my own childhood when i played the drums on cans, my friends did the “air-guitar” and we dreamt together to be a rock band – long time ago… and please check the second video MÅNELYST. this one is so cruel and shocking: pure horror. absolut splattering. great what a contrast! crazy. pics & vid | © KVELERTAK