Last Friday one day after I shot The John Lindberg Trio @ Schlossgrabenfest 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany, I have had the pleasure to shoot JohnZ. One of my best friends and my barber Olli is JohnZ’ Upright Bass player. And it was a great live gig too. It is always the same with the public: if the people hear some pure and plain well done Rock’n’Roll they stop and stay listening, till their feet begin to dance wilder and wilder. This what music is for! This is for what Rock’n’Roll is for!! On the first weekend of July I will be again with the Bend at famous Darmstadt City Party “Heinerfest”. Lazi, Konrad, Tom and Olli, see you at Goldene Krone in three weeks!  #johnzrocks @johnzrock

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End of last week I have had the pleasure to shoot John Lindberg Trio “JLT” live on stage at Schlossgrabenfest Darmstadt, Germany. It was a blast! So nice to hang around with JLT and JohnZ. JohnZ’ upright bass player Olli The Barber arranged the gig of JLT at Schlossgrabenfest. In March Thiemo Gutfried, one of the organizers of this big party – last year 400.000 people joined the concerts over four days – heard JLT, when he was at Olli’s Barber Shop. A funny story in short: He thought, that JLT was covering songs from JohnZ, but it was just the opposite Olli told him: JohnZ is covering four songs of the Swedish R’n’R trio. Thiemo was excited about JLT’S music and Olli invited John to play at Schlossgrabenfest 2019. Long talk short sense: JLT was booked! It was a great Rock’n’Roll party last Thursday and the audience was so excited about the band. Crowds listened and danced to JLT’s rousing show. The band allowed me to take pictures on stage … this was a new experience for me and I loved it … Hope to see the guys again at Schlossgrabenfast 2020!

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this week i joined the rehearse of a new band with the working title THE JONHZ. my buddy and barber OLLI THE BARBER is the double bass player of this damn f**ing great rockin’ band. they just did a few rehearsals but it was so powerful and cool – really impressing. TOM (guitar), KONRAD (drums), LAZI (vocals & rhythm guitar) and OLLI will rock the clubs next time  – for sure. they do a kind of let me say rockabilly mixed up with a lot of other elements from hardcore, metal and pure rock’n’roll – it rocks at all. LAZI is a great singer and seems to be the perfect frontman. i am really excited to see their first gig. funny, from 2003 to 2005 i played the drums in the same room with the band called “ARMSTRONG” where OLLI THE BARBER was the singer. long time ago … thx CHRISTIAN GRAU for the great pics! pics // Christian Grau


KVELERTAK – what a great band – straight from NORWAY with a perfect hardcore, black metal and punk mix. some songs are really heavy some less, some magic melodies and riffs, rock’n’roll. the new album MEIR will be one of the best for me in 2013 for sure! 11 songs 49 minutes blowing away my mind … and the videos damn. please check them both. BRUANE BRENN is so funny. not a new idea but it is always nice to see kids doing something adults are doing, here: extreme “moshing” and rockin’. the video remembers me my own childhood when i played the drums on cans, my friends did the “air-guitar” and we dreamt together to be a rock band – long time ago… and please check the second video MÅNELYST. this one is so cruel and shocking: pure horror. absolut splattering. great what a contrast! crazy. pics & vid | © KVELERTAK