Every morning after I pulled on my Tellason denim, I put a knife into the right front pocket and a comb to the left back pocket. As using pomade daily a good working comb is a-must-have for me. And since decades I am looking for the perfect comb. Sometimes I thought I found the one I was looking for, but I was never perfectly satisfied. But since I got my Ondura Durable Goods combs I think I can stop looking for the perfect comb. The combs lie perfect in the hand and it makes me every time smile when I use one of these beauties, because they work best. Not to heavy, not to light – just perfect. The combs are made of real horn and each one is unique by its color, signed with a small Ondura logo on one side. And what I like most is that every comb comes in a special leather case. I can’t stop touching these … The cases are available in 3 color ways: tan, brown and black and I can’t tell you what I like most. They are made of 1.5 mm thick high quality natural vegetable tanned calf leather. Very nice! I am really excited about the patina the cases will show by using them hard. You can feel that this comb and case combination is made to last. And the size is perfect too: 15 cm x 5 cm x ca. 1 cm fits every back pocket very well. This is what I mean when I am talking about “LIFE TIME GEAR”! You’ll find these and other great stuff at: www.ondura.de 

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hi, i’m back from holidays – time to get my haircut refreshed! so the circle is closed with this post, because tomorrow morning i have a date with OLLI “THE BARBER”. when i got my last cut nearly four weeks ago OLLI gave me a MINI HIGONOKAMI as a present – AWESOME. he made me really happy with this surprise and i must tell you that i never heard about HIGONOKAMI before. as a japanese tradition every young man is owning such a knife. the blade of a HIGONOKAMI interprets the shape of a traditional japanese sword blade made of a special three layer carbonate steel. the blade is bedded in a sheath of folded metal sheet without an adjustment. the knife will be opened with an “ear”. the HIGONOKAMI could be seen as the archetype of a switchblade – so far so good. my MINI HIGONOKAMI has a bladesize of 40 mm and the width of blade measures 2,45 mm. the complete length is just about 90 mm and the weight about is about 16g. i wear it with the lanyard of my REDMOON purse – great combo. and i love the smart tones of the little bell. OLLI – thanks again! pics | LTG