Last Friday one day after I shot The John Lindberg Trio @ Schlossgrabenfest 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany, I have had the pleasure to shoot JohnZ. One of my best friends and my barber Olli is JohnZ’ Upright Bass player. And it was a great live gig too. It is always the same with the public: if the people hear some pure and plain well done Rock’n’Roll they stop and stay listening, till their feet begin to dance wilder and wilder. This what music is for! This is for what Rock’n’Roll is for!! On the first weekend of July I will be again with the Bend at famous Darmstadt City Party “Heinerfest”. Lazi, Konrad, Tom and Olli, see you at Goldene Krone in three weeks!  #johnzrocks @johnzrock

© Photos: Life Time Gear [Advertisement due to tagging of brands]


Always nice to get a present. Even nicer when it is like this – great! Olli The Barber gave me the wonderful LIFETIME LEATHER CO mug when I got my haircut refreshed one week ago. LIFETIME LEATHER CO produce all their stuff by hand in Arizona. This style is named LINE 19. The Mason Jar is a 16 ounce glass, lid included. The cover and the saddle stitched hand hold are made of durable American saddle leather with an embossed LIFETIME LEATHER CO logo. They do different sorts and sizes of bags, belts, key chains, wallets … the complete leather range and all things can be customized f.ex with your name or initials. Visit the LIFETIME LEATHER CO shop @ ETSY. pics | LTG


some days ago i got this book from OLLI THE BARBER as a birthday present. great – i did not know the book “MAßSCHUHE”. very well done with a lot of photos, illustrations, graphics and useful informations, more than 220 pages. the absolute right thing for a shoe maniac like me. thx OLLI! beside the contents, the book itself is made so nice. look at the old school hard cover with golden embossments and the best: the pages have a golden cut – awesome … like a bible … i think this touch is wanted by the editor of the GENTLEMAN’S LIBRARY. there are two books more: CLASSIC SPORTSCARS, WATCHES. pics | LTG


last week i went to WOLFGANG c/o PassionFrance with UWE E. MAIER and OLLI THE BARBER to eat one of the best meals i was served this year: a COC AU RIESLING. damn perfect – the chicken were so good. we have had a wonderful evening with a lot of talking, best food and vine. before visiting WOLFGANG i knew that i want to take a BASQUE-YATAGAN KNIFE with me home. so i did: a wonderful one with a cow horn and really nice textures. i love this extraordinary knife style so much. this BASQUE-YATAGAN KNIVE comes from the basque country, spain, and the french provinces which are near the pyrenees. the blade has its origin in the orient because the crusaders brought it to spain and the south of france when thy came back and settled down. today the knives are used by farmer and shepherds. especially tobacco grower around the BERGERAC region where tobacco is cultivated for generations like to use this BASQUE-YATAGAN KNIVE. if tobacco is reaped a jellylike juice is getting out of the plants which makes it difficult to hold the knife. so the rivets and rosettes help to get the perfect grip and developed over the years to a decorative element. the knife i bought has a 12 cm blade, the holder is made of cow horn, blade and back of the holder are needle etched. pics | LTG


long time ago OLLI THE BARBER and me had the idea to develop something in collaboration for maybe selling or just give away to good friends. so OLLI did this lanyard for long wallets or knives out of goatskin. i love it. the pieces you see in the photos are just samples. we think about other possibilities for fixation, f.ex. fishhooks. the project is still in progress but i think it looks very good right now and believe me, the lanyard is so strong but flexible at the same time – and very well looking. the knot technic is absolutely perfect. no adhesive is used, the leather holds itself. never saw this before. great idea OLLI! and thank you so much to do a little lanyard for my little LEVI’S REDMOON wallet. see you tomorrow morning for my hair cut refreshed talking about our OTB vs. LTG projects …  pics | LTG


yesterday i did not got only my haircut refreshed from OLLI THE BARBER. no, he gave me a very nice packed small parcel with an ANCHOR BUNG – my xmas present! great idea! thanks OLLI, it works and is now in use. my little LEVI has another bung in his lavatory: as a big fish fan his bung is printed with a goldfish. btw you can get your own personalized bung at great idea! pics | LTG


i know OLLI THE BARBER, i think since summer 2000. i met him on a barbecue when KLAUS from was celebrating his move to a wonderful old building apartment over the rooftops of darmstadt, germany. from now on i went to OLLI to cut my hair and from 2004 till 2005 OLLI was the singer of a band project named ARMSTRONG where i played the drums. i just checked some photos from our last gig in april 2005 – damn, this is nearly 8 years ago. now OLLI plays upright bass and sings in a band named KING OLLI with 2 other ollis. this is not a joke: the drummer, the guitar player and the bass player have all the same name: OLLI … what a fluke! they call their style of music country’n’blues’n’punk’n’roll. next saturday they will play a gig and share the stage with famous THE PEACOCKS from switzerland. the concert will be at SAALBAU KINO in pfungstadt near darmstadt. just a few tickets are left. i got one ;-)))) pics | LTG, THomas Goos, The Peacocks

ME and OLLI THE BARBER backstage before the  “ARMSTRONG” gig, april 2005, 
book cover of a photo book made by Thomas Goos

King Olli, from left to right: olli, olli, olli

THE PEACOCKS … the vid is from 2010


hi, i’m back from holidays – time to get my haircut refreshed! so the circle is closed with this post, because tomorrow morning i have a date with OLLI “THE BARBER”. when i got my last cut nearly four weeks ago OLLI gave me a MINI HIGONOKAMI as a present – AWESOME. he made me really happy with this surprise and i must tell you that i never heard about HIGONOKAMI before. as a japanese tradition every young man is owning such a knife. the blade of a HIGONOKAMI interprets the shape of a traditional japanese sword blade made of a special three layer carbonate steel. the blade is bedded in a sheath of folded metal sheet without an adjustment. the knife will be opened with an “ear”. the HIGONOKAMI could be seen as the archetype of a switchblade – so far so good. my MINI HIGONOKAMI has a bladesize of 40 mm and the width of blade measures 2,45 mm. the complete length is just about 90 mm and the weight about is about 16g. i wear it with the lanyard of my REDMOON purse – great combo. and i love the smart tones of the little bell. OLLI – thanks again! pics | LTG


this morning i went to OLLI to get my hair cut refreshed. and i think it was time to take some photos of HANS JOERG BREHMS illustrations OLLI presents in his rooms. all illustrations are printed digital on canvas. they were made when HANS and me worked for DYNAMITE! MAGAZINE – the world of rock’n’roll. me as the art director and part of the chief editorial staff and HANS as an illustrator. i love the style HANS is illustrating: nothing but mainstream. a great contrast to the classic rock’n’roll motives. check HANS’ site. there you can see all this pics in better quality and much more! bad pics | LTG


when i wear no hat or cap i always use pomade. i do this such a long time that i can’t remember when i started greasing my hair. it needed years to find the right grease or rather the perfect combination: not to slicky but hard, not too hard, but firm, sometimes using some hairspray, … at the beginning i used classic pomades like ROYAL CROWN, DAX, SWEET GEORGIA BROWN and others. i was be cheesed of getting out these things of my hair. so i discovered and used a long time the classic AMERICAN CREW POMADE and i started to mix different sorts of AC products f.ex. POMADE with FIBER. the result was good but not perfect. one year ago i found the best combination ever: LAYRITE ORIGINAL DELUXE POMADE, 4 oz, mixed with BLACK DIAMOND POMADE, STRONG HOLD – absolute perfect. sometimes i combine LAYRITE with MR. DUCKTAIL POAMDE, this works perfect too. for extreme long hold i use the german classic SPRÜHGOLD. bad: combing after using spray isn’t possible anymore and makes bad looking. very important before combing: allocating the pomade with a special brush. since more than 5 years i use always one comb. this is made of carbon in japan. OLLI THE BARBER gave it some day as present to me. this is the best comb i ever had – and a pocket comb is always with me, even if i wear a hat – this is a must! bad pics | LTG