i think it is about 4 years ago i bought these 2 RED MOON LONG WALLETS @ . as you can see the brown one is rugged for years. the black one i just wore several times. for the next time the brown one can rest a while and the black one will be rugged in. japanese RED MOON stands for best quality. i never have had a damage and the wallet is getting better and better with every day of wear. highly priced but these wallets pay off! meanwhile it is difficult to get’em in europe. but i don’t care – i own two! at RAKUTEN you can get the black one for a horrible price i never would have been payed … crazy … pics | LTG


and again the japanese: found this awesome IRISH SETTER at THREEWOOD one of the best RED WING SHOE experts and shops in asia. damn, this is a golden brown beauty. compared to the iconic RWS #877 with its oro-iginal leather the 9877 has a GOLD RUSSET ”SEQUOIA” leather. and this fits this boot so good. so nice – exciting. the hardware is silver colored and the laces are made of leather. the RED WING logo is missing but therefore there is the old school type at top of the boot. and the tongue is IRISH SETTER labeled inside. if you are interested don’t hesiitate to order your moc toe RWS at THREEWOOD. they organize it with RAKUTEN. some months ago i bought some japan exclusive RWS engineer boots and it was a smooth business. pics | THREEWOOD