long time ago OLLI THE BARBER and me had the idea to develop something in collaboration for maybe selling or just give away to good friends. so OLLI did this lanyard for long wallets or knives out of goatskin. i love it. the pieces you see in the photos are just samples. we think about other possibilities for fixation, f.ex. fishhooks. the project is still in progress but i think it looks very good right now and believe me, the lanyard is so strong but flexible at the same time – and very well looking. the knot technic is absolutely perfect. no adhesive is used, the leather holds itself. never saw this before. great idea OLLI! and thank you so much to do a little lanyard for my little LEVI’S REDMOON wallet. see you tomorrow morning for my hair cut refreshed talking about our OTB vs. LTG projects …  pics | LTG


these are really great pieces for daily use. nice to have the BOTTLEHOOKS® from CORTER LEATHER AND CLOTH in 3 different colors to choose best fit for each use. the copper colored for the brown RED MOON long-wallet and the brown leather chain and the black one for the black wallet and leather chain. the aged pewter one for anything else. each BOTTLEHOOK® has a natural hand-stamped leather tab for writing down infos in case it’s left somewhere. made in USA. perfect handling at your belt loop. and till now, damn is this nice, you can get a limited forest and desert camouflage version. pics | LTG and the camou one by CORTER


i think it is about 4 years ago i bought these 2 RED MOON LONG WALLETS @ volls.de . as you can see the brown one is rugged for years. the black one i just wore several times. for the next time the brown one can rest a while and the black one will be rugged in. japanese RED MOON stands for best quality. i never have had a damage and the wallet is getting better and better with every day of wear. highly priced but these wallets pay off! meanwhile it is difficult to get’em in europe. but i don’t care – i own two! at RAKUTEN you can get the black one for a horrible price i never would have been payed … crazy … pics | LTG