this day was hard for me: mountain biking in RHOEN, germany, with my brother in law HANS. it was so hard because of heavy rain, hard storms and just 150 km i did this year before this day. HANS did 4.000 km before. f***, my legs, arms and the whole body are so tired. but it was great because of our team spirit. HANS always motivated me when i was so down. we did 95 km and 1.300 meters in high while raining and blowin’ the wind 6 hours. but it was f***ing great. look at the faces and you’ll see who is fit and who is down. and very important: ASSOS and ROTWILD are best stuff to manage these f***ing weather conditions.¬†pics | my brother FABIAN


yesterday i did my first post about mountain biking in fulda this weekend. my brother in law HANS and me did just a short tour on friday because of really bad weather conditions. today it was a sensation with the weather: blue skies and no rain; a bit stormy near WASSERKUPPE, RHOEN – just perfect. we drove an old train track straight from FULDA to WASSERKUPPE. really amazing: a long tunnel through complete MILSEBURG just for biker with a lot bats. the tour was really hard for me because this was just my fourth MTB tour after getting out the metal of my shoulder this april. so we made 96 km and for me unbelievable 1.800 meters difference in altitude. and now: so tired … pics | LTG

before the tour
on the train track

 WASSERKUPPE still far far away


back at my parents home after 96 km

thanks ASSOS and ROTWILD equippement no problems!