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it’s getting warmer in middle germany and springtime is coming. time to get some fresh cycle stuff as a stimulation to get on the bike. it is nearly 15 years ago that i got my first ASSOS clothes: the best stuff you can wear in cycling sports – especially the sensational unbeatable cycling shorts, bibs and knickers. and this is not a promise but a fact! last time the designs of the jerseys got more technic – me, i prefer the classic designs without too much graphics. the new SS.neopro jerseys i like a lot, especially the USA shirt. you can get a nation jersey from france, germany, italy, UK and USA. new: also available dutch, belgium, luxembourg and canada. and the best is that these shirts are made out of a textile which is made of 100% recycled pet bottles. great idea! check to get more information and beside you can get a lot of infos about the new ASSOS CYCLING SHORT _S7 GENERATION, because “THE GAME HAS CHANGED, AGAIN: THE COMFORT REVOLUTION CONTINUES”. pics | LTG | CYLE & MODEL PHOTOS ©ASSOS


this day was hard for me: mountain biking in RHOEN, germany, with my brother in law HANS. it was so hard because of heavy rain, hard storms and just 150 km i did this year before this day. HANS did 4.000 km before. f***, my legs, arms and the whole body are so tired. but it was great because of our team spirit. HANS always motivated me when i was so down. we did 95 km and 1.300 meters in high while raining and blowin’ the wind 6 hours. but it was f***ing great. look at the faces and you’ll see who is fit and who is down. and very important: ASSOS and ROTWILD are best stuff to manage these f***ing weather conditions. pics | my brother FABIAN


yesterday i did my first post about mountain biking in fulda this weekend. my brother in law HANS and me did just a short tour on friday because of really bad weather conditions. today it was a sensation with the weather: blue skies and no rain; a bit stormy near WASSERKUPPE, RHOEN – just perfect. we drove an old train track straight from FULDA to WASSERKUPPE. really amazing: a long tunnel through complete MILSEBURG just for biker with a lot bats. the tour was really hard for me because this was just my fourth MTB tour after getting out the metal of my shoulder this april. so we made 96 km and for me unbelievable 1.800 meters difference in altitude. and now: so tired … pics | LTG

before the tour
on the train track

 WASSERKUPPE still far far away


back at my parents home after 96 km

thanks ASSOS and ROTWILD equippement no problems!


after 1 1/2 year without biking i am back on track. no more road biking but beside running i will do some trips with my ROTWILD mtb the next time for relaxing the legs. today i did a short trip with my copywriter PETER – awesome. the forest and the air, smelling the autumn coming. but it was beginning raining so hard after 15 km and it got so cold – so we turned to go back these 15 km. damn, at the end it was so f***ing wet, freezy and dirty, but it was great to be on the track again. pics | LTG


damn, frosty this sunday morning. i did an one hour run by -12C°. with my ASSOS FUGU cycle jacket are those temperatures no problem. yep time change. last year i did my sunday morning sport on the mountain bike in winter. but with my bad accident last april and the metal still in my shoulder there is no chance to go into the forest and the mountains with the bike – i have to go by feet – running … still hard after 5 months practicing. but no mountain biking before fall 2012. pics | myself

february 2012

february 2011


ASSOS cannot offer the HERITAGE JERSEY in the original textile blend because the company
which originally supplied ASSOS is, sadly, no longer in business. the textile ASSOS used has
similar characteristics  and some improvements to the original 1980’s fabric. Often imitated,
never equaled. some companies choose a “vintage” look and materials to be fashionable, to
make believe they were there, but they were not. with each heritagePack ASSOS commemorates
cycling apparel history as written by ASSOS. Original ASSOS equipped teams, original designs.
Heritage EditionOne is the first in a limited series, available for two summer seasons only.
and i owned my first pack: the RENAULT-ELF jersey which LAURENT FIGNON was wearing.
what a nice package – nearly too nice to open. ASSOS and their creatives did a great job again!
pics | assos | LTG