i was searching for one of my vintage western shirts. so some days ago i was checking up one of some big ZARGES storage boxes in the basement, where i have a lot of clothes parked. stuff i won’t wear at the moment or i am just collecting like vintage western shirts and boots, work boots, denim, t-shirts … so i found 2 more than 10 years old LEVI’S RED jeans. i was so surprised how detailed these where made. today i will show you this very rare “BILLY BOB”. no selvedge, classic straight leg, a lot of zigzag stitched details, suspender buttons, … tomorrow i will continue with my LEVIS’S RED “THE HOLDEN”. maybe i will find the original suspenders till tomorrow … and damn, LEVI’S RED isn’t payable today. check the prices @ LNCC … unbelievable, there isn’t a pant under 650 €. pics | LTG