he guys yet another new boot style from RED WINGS SHOES: the WORK BOOT CHUKKA #3149. not my cup of tea, but i think a lot of you will like it. i am not a chukka lover nor from RWS neither VIBERG or another boot maker. this is what RED WING HERITAGE EUROPE says about this chukka: “The Work Chukka earned its name and reputation in the 60’s, when these boots were crafted as a shoe for lighter duty work as an alternative to Red Wing’s heavy duty work boots. In most cases they were used for inside work like carpentry. While needed their boots to be sturdy,  they also needed to be light and flexible to accommodate the bending, climbing and kneeling which their work day required. As it has always been with Red Wing products, no compromises were made on the materials used to build this boot. Red Wing’s Olive Mohave Roughout leather was originally designed for US Marine footwear by Red Wing’s leather tanners. Roughout leather is used in shoes with the outer, smooth grain side and inner,  fluffed,  fresh sides reversed. When used in outdoor environments with gravel and ordinary shoes with the grain side outside tend to sustain damage to the leather surface. Valued for its strength,  flexibility and water resistant features, Red Wing Heritage is now incorporating this leather in their Heritage collection.” i think a RWS chukka will be the first boot for my little LEVI when his feet are large enough … pics | © RED WING HERITAGE EUROPE

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