damn, found an envelop with the LONG JOHN print on it – what a surprise. exciting, what’s inside? great it’s a shirt: the LONG JOHN X GO STERK & BLENDOMATIC tribute shirt to MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. what a nice idea, what a wonderful high quality LEE shirt with a tasteful sailing ship print. LONG JOHN at it’s best. here is what WOUTER says about the shirt: “

The Long John platform stands for authenticity so we love this old way
of sending messages. This bottle ‘enveloppe’ goes back centuries and
was used by a lot of people on the sea.
In the 16th century, the English navy used message in a bottle to send ashore information about enemy positions. And during World War I soldiers used bottles to send
last messages to their loved ones.
A great story from May 2005 is about eighty-eight shipwrecked migrants at the coast of Costa Rica. They had placed a S.O.S. message in a bottle and tied it to one of the long lines of a passing fishing boat. They were all rescued!
The oldest message in a bottle was travelling more than 98 years in the sea
and was picked-up by a Scottish fisherman in 2012.
We are proud to show our latest collab: ‘Tribute to message in a bottle’.
This shirt symbolize our passion for travelling, sailors and fishermen.
The collab tee is made with artist Wytse Sterk (Go Sterk) and printed by Blendomatic.
We used a Lee Jeans shirt to share our passion for original blue jeans.
Made in a limited run.
‘Old sailors never die’

WOUTER thanks a lot for this great gift!!!
hope to see you soon. maybe at BREAD & BUTTER this summer? pics | LTG

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