Just some minutes ago I got Ralf’s first newsletter with grand news: www.ralfkellenberger.com is online now! I am so happy with the result because working together as a consultant with Rocky Beach Studio at the conception, design and realization of this unique store. Even more because I am a great fan of Ralf’s work. My first piece was a B74 Selected Goods ring made by Ralf 10 years ago. Meanwhile I own three rings and a fourth is in progress and we got friends and a good working team. Ralf was born 1982 in Pforzheim, Germany, known as the „Golden City“. Raised by his mother, a jewelry designer and his father, a diamond setter. It was their natural talent and sharp eye for detail that have inspired him through the years to create a unique and timeless collection true to the motto “Humbled by art, inspired by the earth.” Please check his new website to discover Ralf’s awesome jewelry. Every piece has its own history … it is really interesting reading this stories. All pieces are now available at www.ralfkellenberger.com or exclusive at B74 Selected Goods Shop in Frankfurt. By the way the man with the camera and three Rings on – this is me.

© Photos: Ralf Kellenberger | Marc & David | Life Time Gear [Advertisement due to tagging of brands]


For sure this is not a Life Time Gear piece because of its short use, but it is made for thousands of people not just to have a better life but to survive! Entering the supermarket I saw this cool designed and named toilet paper: “GOLDEIMER” … the english meaning is “Golden Bucket”. Interesting. An illustrated tattooed sailor on the package of toilet paper with this message: “For small and big ones” … “Just sitting down and wipe away? As if! With GOLDEIMER toilet paper you support worldwide sanitarian projects and our vision is jacks for all”. More than a half of the world population has no access to a safe sanitarian support. This means the death of nearly a million people year by year. GOLDEIMER is a social project that gives all future assets to Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe. With every GOLDEIMER toilet paper you buy, you support all projects that give access to people worldwide to toilets, water and soap. The toilet paper is certified by German environmental seal “Blauer Engel” which means most power and water saving; for sure this special toilet paper is made of 100% recycled paper. And don’t worry: the sheet covering all the toilet paper rolls is made of 30%  chalk which reduces the CO2 emissions to 30% compared to conventional plastic packages. The sheet is 100% recyclable. And the best and really important: beside all the social benefits GOLDEIMER toilet paper is comfortable in use. Three-ply and tender to your rear;) Life Time Gear tested! And the design of Germany’s first social toilet paper is just perfect!

© Photos: Life Time Gear [Advertisement due to tagging of brands]


For sure one of my absolute favorites from my cap collection: the TSPTR x EBBETS POPEYE BALLCAP. It mus be one of my favs because of being a great POPEYE fan since a child and EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS are my most beloved caps – what a perfect collaboration! And so special, so limited. As all EBBETS Caps this one is for sure made in the USA. It is an authentic 1960’s ball cap reproduction built of 14oz indigo dyed denim, featuring a high quality embroidered POPEYE badge, a horse hair buckram crown, satin taping, a cotton sweatband and an adjustable leather strap. Available exclusive @ TSPTR. This site is a trap because you’ll find so much more nice great stuff. As I remember I got my stuff really fast last spring – so maybe you can get on of the best caps ever right in time before Xmas. pics | LTG


While I was @ holidays SIMON finished my Big B Dungaree Wabash Shorts. So when I sadly and pissed off came back because of my finished Caribbean holidays, I had the joy to receive a parcel with this awesome shorts. Damn, this perfect one is really something special. Great extraordinary look with an absolute perfect fit. The shorts are made of 12oz raw denim with this great heart dot pattern. “They feature a high rise which clamps comfortably around the waist, a wide breezy thigh and handy deep sail cloth lined pockets all round.” There were only 50 pieces produced. I do not know how many were sold, but for sure here you can get it: @ the SJC online store. Pics | LTG _ People Shots | SJC


A few days ago I got the 2 bandanas I ordered from SJC. And I got what I expected: 2 awesome, smooth silk pieces, rich colored with wonderful and extraordinary old school graphics. I am really fascinated by the quality of the HARD LUCK & SAILORS DREAM called neckerchiefs. I think if you check the pics below you will feel the smoothness by your eyes. Look at the bright colors. Both are hand finished with rolled edges and stitched in contrasting thread to make the edges pop – love this kind of stitching! With this 2 pieces SIMON started his 2015/16 collection. With the beginning of this week his website got relaunched and is full packed with new stuff … damn had to order one piece more after checking this great stuff of jackets, chinos, shorts and denim. I just read this quite a minute ago:  SJC is featured in MEN’S FILE. No wonder, SIMON – compliments – you do a great job! pics | LTG


Some weeks ago I discovered the one and only TOWK “THE ONE WHO KNOCKS” POMADE by SHEAR REVIVAL. For me the absolute best pomade i ever used the last nearly 20 years. The consistency, the usage and this unique and perfect smell is unbeatable. I discovered TOWK at the wonderful done THE POMP site. Check the video below and you will see TOWK in use and a well done review. TOWK is made of beeswax, white petroleum, organic coconut oil, microcrystalline wax, jojoba oil, castor oil, fragrance oils. It is a traditional petro/oil based pomade. I need two washes to get it out. The hold is just perfect for my light hair: medium/firm and for me so important: the whole day renewable without using another portion of pomade. The smell is a killer: it is an oak aged bourbon scent with hints of oak, vanilla and coffee. Because of this IT KNOCKS! My mother told me that this pomade smells similar to the one her dad, my grandpa, used a long time ago – classic. The color ist light blue and it is made in Asbury, New Jersey, USA. The Blue Jacket Beard Oil is very nice too and for sure it is also pure organic made. The smell is very nice but not so KNOCKING and after use your beard is so smooth. Very fine. And the prices from Shear Revival are fine too! The problem for us Oversea-People is to get this wonderful stuff. Just directly from the states. But it is worthwhile!!! pics | LTG | © video | www.the-pomp-official.com


Some weeks ago my friend OLIVER WENKEL send me pics of wooden combs – maybe something interesting for LTG blog. And for sure I had to check up this stuff from “THE ORIGINAL BIG RED BEARD COMBS”. What i found @ their site was awesome! A lot of nice beard combs, oils, balms and other necessaries for the man with a hairy face. Everything designed so f***in’ nice. The consequence? I own 2 new beard combs and I am testing 2 new beard oils which make me happy every morning i use one of these. The combs are not only beautiful but great to handle too. So lightweight and so nice to touch. And they work perfect – it was never so easy to treat the beard. My sailor jerry style pin up girl engraved comb No.9 is “crafted with a laminated technology, which ensures that your comb is made as tough as possible. The comb is made from a total of five layers,  with the two inner layers running perpendicular to the face layers to add rigidity and strength to the teeth and body of the comb. With this process we’ve drastically increased the strength to ensure your comb will be around for quite some time.” The combs are made from Canadian wood cut down by Lumberjacks. No plastic here only 100% all natural lumber and believe me: You’ll feel the difference. And Oliver, thx for the hint again. pics | LTG


i am everything but not an expert for beer. i prefer vine and when i drink a beer it is mostly a german brewed one from the north like BECK’S, JEVER or FLENSBURGER – it is important that the beer tasts dry. but when i went to MARUHN – THE WORLDS OF DRINKS some weeks ago i found this nice labeled bottles. i don’t know anything about their tast but i had to take’em with me because of the wonderful graphic design and the look. beside, i am excited too about the question of taste … all bottles contain PALE ALE … okay? let’s try! pics | LTG


time to put the short sleeved shirts in front of the cupboard – it is getting warmer and warmer day by day here in middle germany. especially these four GITMAN VINTAGE shirts with their nautical prints i love so much. the dark blue ones with the ships and the bandana-like-pattern from the SS 2013 collection are much more heavy than the lightweight poplin shirts i got from volls.de last week. these two are so nice because of their old school nautical pattern. all new GITMAN stuff will be online @ volls.de the next days. the site will be relaunched soon with all the new stuff – check it. pics | LTG


damn, found an envelop with the LONG JOHN print on it – what a surprise. exciting, what’s inside? great it’s a shirt: the LONG JOHN X GO STERK & BLENDOMATIC tribute shirt to MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. what a nice idea, what a wonderful high quality LEE shirt with a tasteful sailing ship print. LONG JOHN at it’s best. here is what WOUTER says about the shirt: “

The Long John platform stands for authenticity so we love this old way
of sending messages. This bottle ‘enveloppe’ goes back centuries and
was used by a lot of people on the sea.
In the 16th century, the English navy used message in a bottle to send ashore information about enemy positions. And during World War I soldiers used bottles to send
last messages to their loved ones.
A great story from May 2005 is about eighty-eight shipwrecked migrants at the coast of Costa Rica. They had placed a S.O.S. message in a bottle and tied it to one of the long lines of a passing fishing boat. They were all rescued!
The oldest message in a bottle was travelling more than 98 years in the sea
and was picked-up by a Scottish fisherman in 2012.
We are proud to show our latest collab: ‘Tribute to message in a bottle’.
This shirt symbolize our passion for travelling, sailors and fishermen.
The collab tee is made with artist Wytse Sterk (Go Sterk) and printed by Blendomatic.
We used a Lee Jeans shirt to share our passion for original blue jeans.
Made in a limited run.
‘Old sailors never die’

WOUTER thanks a lot for this great gift!!!
hope to see you soon. maybe at BREAD & BUTTER this summer? pics | LTG