All Black is the motto of last and first newsletter they send out after the online shop opneing just a few days ago. A great choice while the days are getting warmer here in middle Germany – spring is all around. Get your bikes out. “WOT! NO BIKE?” …. a perfect motto printed on JoMo’s Made in California, USA of 100% Cotton. Tellason’s deep black Topper Shirt is a classic work shirt made of 7.5 oz. Japanese twill which features two chest pockets one with a flap, one pencil pocket and Corozo buttons. Made in San Francisco, Calif. USA. Comes with a Tellason pencil! Not only for the bike but perfect for this: the SIMMONS BILT SB Vintage Racer Jacket, made of heavy Steerhide in Scotland. It features a 100% heavy Steerhide shell, 2 Inside Pockets with snap Buttons, a Riri nickel/silver center zipper, zipped cuffs, 1 front breast pocket with zip, 2 hand side handwarmer pockets lining 100% cotton. Great stuff guys. pics |


Some weeks ago I spoke to Kim “The Butcher” Schreiner, if he could do an illustration for a shirt I wanted to give as a present to the D-youth Football Team DJK/SSG Darmstadt 1921, Germany, where I am the goalkeeper and assistant coach. Why Kim? I saw his work @ his facebook account and  I love it! Beside I own a shirt with an illustration he did. A great shirt against rasicm – you still can order this at Waste and Broke. OK – and Kim just said “Yes, for sure”. Great: said, done. Just 2 weeks later after our phone talk he send me the final artwork of the DJK/SSG illustration. Damn nice: an eagle – the heraldic animal of DJK/SSG Darmstadt – combined with a classic football. P E R F E C T ! With my buddy and neighbor Malte, owner of “” c/o hi5 GmbH, a best quality t-shirt printer was found quickly. I took little Levi and Malte’s son Lasse with me when I shot a “Making of” while the t-shirts were printed – both kicked for DJK/SSG Darmstadt former times and were curios about the print result. So speedy: 3 weeks after the first contact to Kim, the shirts got produced. Kim & Malte thx again for your great and fast support! So I could give the team and Coach Markus their t-shirts before school holidays and we finish the season 2015/16 in July. The guys were so happy with their new t-shirts … check the pics …
pics | LTG | artwork | Kim “The Butcher” Schreiner

Kim “The Butcher” Schreiner @ big cartel THE BUTCHER SHOPPE
To get an impression of The Butchers artwork check his Facebook page
For more information about the one of the best t-shirt print production check


Some days ago my buddy OLIVER BREMERICH c/o BREMERICH JEANS send me a box full of BLAUMANN Products to check these. The word BLAUMANN stands in Germany normally for an easy working overall – or just generally for pure and simple working clothes. At first I thought, okay, for sure another product jumping on this heritage train, just another raw denim jeans … but I was really surprised about this original well done and stand alone German product. The “Schmaler Blaumann”, which means Tapered Fit, is a perfect fitting piece made of 15oz Kuroki Denim woven on shuttle looms from Japan. So: the denim is made in Japan, but the cut and the production, the stitching of the pants is completely done in Germany. All materials except the denim cotton, the tags, buttons, yarns and the lining for the pockets are made in Germany. A great idea while a lot of fuckers nowadays send there stuff to somewhere to produce it with child hands and people earning money under minimum wages. The pants are available in 32 and 34 inch length but are about 11 cm longer because these shall be worn with a turn up. It would be shame not to show the wonderful selvage stitch. Okay the price is not the lowest, but for a raw denim more than acceptable compared to others. Check the pics for wonderful details the BLAUMANN men put to their product … I like this a lot! With the raw denim shirt named “SCHMALES BLAUMANN-HEMD”, which means slim fit shirt, is made of 8oz Kuroki denim and all the other materials are made in Germany too. It is manufactured in Oberpfalz, Germany like the pants. For more information about the products please check: or call Oliver directly +49 177 4843400. He is a japan denim maniac and expert. pics | LTG



Damn, aren’t these nice? This week Uwe E. Mair c/o AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION gave me the new SINGLE POCKET LONG SLEEVE SHIRT by TELLASON in two different versions. The shirt is based on a dress shirt from the 1950s which TONY PATELLA, founder and co-owner of TELLASAON, got in his vintage collection. I love this authentic old-school look, with that big, masculine collar, one front pocket and the “heavy duty” finish. The dark navy one is made of an unwashed 7.5oz twill from japan. Take a look at the Corozo (ivory nut) buttons – so nice. The stripped shirt is made of a Cone Mills White Oak vintage reproduction 100% cotton fabric. Its look is smarter and the wear is it too … not so heavy duty. The fabric has a softer touch – very comfortable and a great look with its stripes. Same cut, but tow different wonderful shirts – both Made in San Francisco, California. For your last xmas buys check the TELLASON site. In Switzerland call or write to VMC and in Germany B74, Riders Room, Jeanslife, Denim&Iron, Bube&König, John Tweed and great Gentlemen’s Skateshop. By the way, the orange bandana is also from TELLASON, the red/white/blue one from Joe McCoy and the vests are made by JackKnife. pics | LTG



found this crazy stuff today during a short coffee break. first thoughts: cool, funny idea. but i did not now that UNDEROOS has had cult status in the US. average american little kids wore during the 1970s and late 1980s for sure UNDEROOS with characters from MARVEL, DC HEROES and STAR WARS. now, brand new, UNDEROOS is back. not for kids but for adults … great. i do not know anything about the quality, maybe it is made in china or somewhere fucking else, but i think it works so good. check  HOTTOPPICS site for more hero underwear – there is even some hero stuff for your wife … pics | © HOTTOPPIC


i just own 3 IRON HEART shirts and i love these so much. after some stiffness when wearing the 11 and 12oz shirts the first times, they got smoother and smoother and meanwhile i am so satisfied of best fit and a great comfort feeling. and i think, that these will never be broken down – life time gear – what a great quality. the care isn’t a problem: cold wash, inside out and taking at once out of the wash machine when ready you don’t even need to iron it. no shrinking, nothing. these shirts are made in japan and have a lot of nice details you can check up in the photos. in fall i wore the shirts as a jacket, sometimes combined with a vest depending on the weather conditions. here i combined the shirts with deadstock indigo duck canvas JACK/KNIFE hunting vest and a JOE McCOy bandana. the shirts and the bandana are available @ and the vest is from B-74, frankfurt, germanypics | LTG


some more pics from my visit 2 days ago @ VOLLS. beside the new SPIEWAK stuff i showed you yesterday @ LTG i took some pics of the some new IRON HEART stuff for the upcoming winter season. but there is much more classic IRON HEART stuff in the shop than i shot, but i love these colorful 12oz ultra heavy flannel western shirts so much. KLAUS told me that the stuff will be online soon @ have a nice weekend! pics | LTG



this shirt is from the time when LVC invested much love and time in unique pieces. certainly made in usa! i found this shirt yesterday in a storage box while looking for an old western shirt. i think i bought it about 2002 for my wife and it was so f***ing expensive but special. when i interpret the numbers on the label print correctly the shirt was made in august 2001 (08/01). i remember where i bought it: at HECKMANN in DARMSTADT, GERMANY, who sold a lot of genius LVC stuff at this time. i think to remember some one told me that MADONNA wore this shirt on stage. anyway it is so well done and has so many details to check. wonderful un-countable pearly buttons, push buttons with engraved LS&CO S.F., perfect vintage color irregularities in faded blue, tan, grey and yellow, different sorts of seams in different colors … AWESOME. i think i should frame the shirt and hang it up in my office … beside, my wife never wore the shirt; she thought it was too showy, too crazy.  pics | LTG






what a nice lightweight 7oz. selvage work shirt made of 35% linen and 65% cotton from italy. for sure the shirt is cut and sewn in SAN FRANCISCO with all the features you know from TELLASON’s CLAMPDOWN shirt. check the nice details like the knife and pencil holders, the selvage seams and smart buttons. at the moment the shirt turns some rounds in washing machine. the indigo is brutal marking. just by touching the shirt for these pics i got dark blue fingertips. UWE E. MAIER c/o AMTRAQ who gave me this shirt told me to wash it before the first wearing in any case. again exiting how the result will look like. pics | TELLASON people shot, others LTG



KAMI owner of B-74 and RED WING STORE FRANKFURT, GERMANY, send me some pics of a very nice new shirt: the OPTIMIST SHIRT. this shirt is manufactured by SANGAR, the biggest and oldest shirt making factory in ESTONIA. it is built „with love and care from durable unwashed denim or chambray. these shirt with nicely shaped patch pockets can be worn as light jackets over a dress shirt or tank top, or by itself …“ made of high quality materials from italy. read about the history of OPTIMIST below and enjoy the nice box design – wonderful. KAMI will get the stuff the next days. one shirt is reserved for LTG – for sure! pics | OPTIMIST