mostly when FRED c/o REDWING1905 blog goes to the states he sends me a letter. at this speedy times it is so nice to get a REAL LETTER brought to you by the postman straight into your letterbox. you open the box with a real key, take a look at the sender, the stamps, then you take a knife to open the letter, and then you read a nice handwriten message … perfect, normal, but nearly old school nowadays. FRED sent me a letter from the famous WESTLAND DISTILLERY, seattle, with MUSCLE CAR stamps – i did a post about these beautiful little paper things some weeks ago – and an awesome card with a beautiful classic american graphic. so nice. FRED wrote that this would be the coolest whiskey bar of the USA. it is a pitty that you can’t find some pics and more infos @ their homepage: www.westlanddistillery.com. okay, first release of their american single malt whiskey will be fall 2013. pics | LTG

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