mostly when FRED c/o REDWING1905 blog goes to the states he sends me a letter. at this speedy times it is so nice to get a REAL LETTER brought to you by the postman straight into your letterbox. you open the box with a real key, take a look at the sender, the stamps, then you take a knife to open the letter, and then you read a nice handwriten message … perfect, normal, but nearly old school nowadays. FRED sent me a letter from the famous WESTLAND DISTILLERY, seattle, with MUSCLE CAR stamps – i did a post about these beautiful little paper things some weeks ago – and an awesome card with a beautiful classic american graphic. so nice. FRED wrote that this would be the coolest whiskey bar of the USA. it is a pitty that you can’t find some pics and more infos @ their homepage: www.westlanddistillery.com. okay, first release of their american single malt whiskey will be fall 2013. pics | LTG

1965 SHELBY GT350 R | THE 1.000.000 $ MUSTANG

what a wonderful car! just found at RM AUCTIONS. it was sold for 990,000 bucks. the color combination and the condition of this special FORD MUSTANG is great and i think every dollar the new owner spent on it is okay … i just think so after watching the video below.
some facts: est. 325 hp, 289 cu in V8 engine, four speed manual transmission, independent front suspension with coil springs, live axle rear suspension with leaf springs and front disc and rear drum brakes, wheelbase 108″.
some specials:
_ one of only 34 production R models
_ owned and raced by its first owner, RICHARD JORDAN for 21 years
_ extraordinarily original down to the original plexiglas and racing wheels
_ from a prominent private collection
_ documented in the SHELBY american world registry
_ original SHELBY american paperwork
_ less than 4,900 original miles on the original engine and transmission
for more details check the RM AUCTIONS sitepics & video | RM Auctions