Last Saturday I took part @ B74 Selected Goods x Filson Event WHISKEY & WAX. At the same time the B74 Crew and family celebrated the 9th Anniversary of this great concept store. It was really something special for me to meet Michael Uhlemann c/o cuisine-m in person. Over the last months we have had constant contact by fon and mail and it was time to see! What a wonderful person – a friend! It was a smooth atmosphere seeing some people waxing their stuff or just watching how correct waxing is done while others tried American Whiskeys. And me I made a nice find: American Single Malt Whiskey made by WESTLAND. What a great Taste and what a fluke, the distillery is in the same road where the Filson Headquarter is. Just ordered a bottle 😉 | © phptos | LTG by Eric Jost


Hi guys, for sure you recognized that blogging last time was focused on B74 Selected Goods. This is easy to explain. Since years the B74 Concept Store located in Frankfurt “Mainhattan” and my Design Agency are working together and with the conception and the Art Direction of the B74 Selected Goods Online Shop this great teamwork got more intensive. Now while the shop is going its own first steps but my work is not finished. As a constant Crew member I will support the B74 in all Social Media activities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the new B74 Blog linked to the new Online Store. I will also try to do post “pure” Life Time Gear posts in future but there will always be an interaction between www.b74.de/blog and/www.life-time-gear.com. I hope a win-win-situation! Today I did my second blogpost with such nice photos we got directly from FILSON. Here just some of this nice shots. More @ the www.b74.de blog-site. pics | © FILSON



As a constant reader of LIFE TIME GEAR blog you must know that I am a great fan of EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS caps. I own a lot of because I love this heritage, classic and authentic look. Beside, the fit is perfect. When I order a 7 1/4 it is a 7 1/4 – every cap has the same fit and believe me this isn’t the norm i f you compare to other labels. Some days ago I discovered the woolen CHARLIE BROWN baseball cap which is the result of a collaboration between 60s counterculture-inspired brand TSPTR – which stand for Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste, Recognition – and EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS. Certainly made in the USA of a grey melange wool with an adjustable leather tab and calf leather trim. “CHARLIE BROWN” is constructed with the same soft wool which is used for EBBETS’ vintage baseball uniforms – great, isn’t it? This is my first EBBETS which is not made to size and the fit is perfect too. I know it from the moment on I took it out of the parcel which came from CALIROOTS: this is a new Life Time Gear piece. pics | LTG


mostly when FRED c/o REDWING1905 blog goes to the states he sends me a letter. at this speedy times it is so nice to get a REAL LETTER brought to you by the postman straight into your letterbox. you open the box with a real key, take a look at the sender, the stamps, then you take a knife to open the letter, and then you read a nice handwriten message … perfect, normal, but nearly old school nowadays. FRED sent me a letter from the famous WESTLAND DISTILLERY, seattle, with MUSCLE CAR stamps – i did a post about these beautiful little paper things some weeks ago – and an awesome card with a beautiful classic american graphic. so nice. FRED wrote that this would be the coolest whiskey bar of the USA. it is a pitty that you can’t find some pics and more infos @ their homepage: www.westlanddistillery.com. okay, first release of their american single malt whiskey will be fall 2013. pics | LTG