As a constant reader of LTG blog you might know that I am a great CAMARO fan. My own I drive a 5th gen Cam in „bright orange“ – and I love this car so much from the first day on I got it 4 years ago! The history of the CAMARO started 1966, 2 years later than this mustang was introduced, but with the same concept: “long hood, short deck”. Since this there is a fight between this 2 cars for the domination of this so called “PONY CARS”. In 2017 the CAMARO celebrates its 50th birthday. Check the six generations below … pics | GENERAL MOTORS | Auto Motor Sport

1966 first CAMAROS came to the GM showrooms

1967 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 with a small block 294 PS
1967 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS SS as a pilot series.

1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO ZL1. Number #66 of #69 built in 1969
427 Big Block-V8 with more than 430 PS
Design Graphics: these are the highlights of the CAMARO design
1st gen of CAMARO was from 1966 till 1969

1967 and 1996 the CHEVROLET CAMARO was the Pace-Car at INDY 500

1970 – with the 2nd gen there was a great change in the design
The 2nd gen was the most successful and longest distributed in CAMARO history till today.

1974 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 with Small Block V8 …

5.7 ltr. engine and 250 ps

1970 CAMARO with 380 ps and 562 nm engine torque

1977 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28: the technic
1979: 282.571 CAMAROS sold – the climax! 85.000 were the powerful Z/28!

1980 – always a lot of configurations available

1981 – CAMARO on the track as a Pro Stock Race Car
1982 the 3rd gen followed – again with a new design

1987 CHEVROLET did the first CAMARO Convertible since 1969 – called IROC-Z (International Race of Champions Series. The red CAM here is the 1988 model.

1992 was the last year for the 3rd gen modells

With Z28 25th Anniversary the CAMARO celebrates ist 25th birthday

1993 the 4th gen CAMARO was introduced. There wasn’t a rounder CAM before …

The sales volume sank rapide!

The CAMARO had to die. CHEVROLET set the focus on SUVs

2002 the mustang lost its rival.

CAMARO Concept Car @ Detroit Motor Show in 2005

Heritage: The Muscle Car shows Design elements from the early years and quotes the 1stt gen CAMAROS.

2010 CHEVROLET CAMARO Pace Car @ Indy 500

What a comeback: more than 500.000 units where sold!


shit, what a f***ing amazing boot: the RWS 8807. we call this style “FRANKFURTER”. myself i own all 3 available types that you got in the past here in germany (from left to right in the photo below): #8133, #8804 and #8118. i love these styles with the SUPERSOLE® and i found this new “MAIZE MUSTANG” yellow “FRANKFURTER” @ one of the best japanese shops for boots & shoes: THREEWOOD. maybe one day the boot will be available like the new IRISH SETTER 9877 that was japan exclusive before 60 pairs came in a strictly limited version to the RED WING STORES over europe last month. pics | THREEWOOD


mostly when FRED c/o REDWING1905 blog goes to the states he sends me a letter. at this speedy times it is so nice to get a REAL LETTER brought to you by the postman straight into your letterbox. you open the box with a real key, take a look at the sender, the stamps, then you take a knife to open the letter, and then you read a nice handwriten message … perfect, normal, but nearly old school nowadays. FRED sent me a letter from the famous WESTLAND DISTILLERY, seattle, with MUSCLE CAR stamps – i did a post about these beautiful little paper things some weeks ago – and an awesome card with a beautiful classic american graphic. so nice. FRED wrote that this would be the coolest whiskey bar of the USA. it is a pitty that you can’t find some pics and more infos @ their homepage: www.westlanddistillery.com. okay, first release of their american single malt whiskey will be fall 2013. pics | LTG