this was may first WHITE’S BOOT ever: a classic SEMI-DRESS. i built this boot for my own at BAKER SHOES in 2007. it was a bit strange and very exciting because the boot was really expensive compared to all my RED WINGs and i did not know anything about the fit. in 2007 ask some one for WHITE’S BOOTS in germany: nobody knew this great traditional boot maker from spokan, washington. time changed; the last 6 years brands like VIBERG, WESCO and WHITE’S became well known in europe. but boots of these labels are still expensive and not pushed by distribution. good to know, so they will never get a mainstream products. beside, the higher prices of these boots are okay indeed. if you ever wear a WHITE’S you will feel the price of it: made of heavy and best leathers, solid and lifetime built, most comfortable – this is what i call LIFE TIME GEAR! in germany you get WHITE’S BOOTS at the BOOTERY at VATER&SOHN in hamburg, germany. pics | LTG

date of buying | new 2007
size | 9.5 D
height | 6 inch
leather | chocolate brown bullhide
pull loop | no
hardware | antique eyelets & hooks
laces | nylon
sole | vibram #700
half slip | yes
heel base | curve
heel height | standard
mid sole | standard, leather, brown
toe design | plain toe
insole | leather with cushioned footbed
welt | leather welt
steel toe | NO
category | classic work boot
made in USA

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