nice to have a wife who finds things that are not forgotten but somewhere stored in the house you can’t remember … so it happened with my beloved TEXAS UNIVERSITY RING i bought more than 10 years ago. i remember the day and the place where i got it as it was yesterday. i found this piece while walking through an antique market in frankfurt/main germany with my wife. i wasn’t searching for a college ring or something like this. but the ring was like a magnet. i went to a sales booth saw it in the display case, knewing i must have it. but after asking the seller for the price we went away. but i couldn’t get the ring out of my head. after we were back in darmstadt, i went to the bank to get the money i wanted to spend – less than the seller rather wanted.  so i drove back the 40 kilometers back to the antique market. i told the seller which price i would pay and he gave the ring to me. i love this extraordinary piece and i think it is a good combination with my, no, little LEVI’s ring, he get it when he will be 18 years old. pics | LTG

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