yes, today i got another xmas present. FRED c/o redwing.1905 blog brought me a special piece of denim from LOS ANGELES which he picked up there two weeks ago: a wonderful JOMO jeans made of vintage deadstock raw denim with a lot of details. thanks to SEAN, JULIO and EDDY from JOMO, LA. i think the denim is about 14.oz and the structure of the cotton is really interesting and looking old school. very nice the two different seams at the back pockets – good idea. my pant is the first made with this closed top button; the buttons before have had a whole in the middle. the legs are open seemed and the fit is really tight and tapered. for sure this rare piece of denim is handmade at JOMO headquater in LA by taylor JULIO. FRED took some photos when JULIO made MY JOMO jeans. so guys: thank you again! pics | LTG

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