With the first warm days this year and feeling a bit the spirit of summer, I wanna show you a brand new label which is now available at www.b74.de: SUNSET SURF. This label is inspired by the west coast surf culture from the early 1900’s upt to the 1980’s. The graphics are about the Southern Californian surfing expression. The fabric is well known and often copied, but never surpassed the original vintage style slub yarn made by Johnson Motors Inc. 100% ringspun slub cotton, traditional slim fit with the signature self rib and suture stitch. Cut, sewn, dyed, printed and hand finished in the city of Los Angeles. All graphic art is hand drawn. T-shirts are garment dyed and pre-shrunk. pics | B74 & freeimages


All Black is the motto of www.b74.de last and first newsletter they send out after the online shop opneing just a few days ago. A great choice while the days are getting warmer here in middle Germany – spring is all around. Get your bikes out. “WOT! NO BIKE?” …. a perfect motto printed on JoMo’s Made in California, USA of 100% Cotton. Tellason’s deep black Topper Shirt is a classic work shirt made of 7.5 oz. Japanese twill which features two chest pockets one with a flap, one pencil pocket and Corozo buttons. Made in San Francisco, Calif. USA. Comes with a Tellason pencil! Not only for the bike but perfect for this: the SIMMONS BILT SB Vintage Racer Jacket, made of heavy Steerhide in Scotland. It features a 100% heavy Steerhide shell, 2 Inside Pockets with snap Buttons, a Riri nickel/silver center zipper, zipped cuffs, 1 front breast pocket with zip, 2 hand side handwarmer pockets lining 100% cotton. Great stuff guys. pics | www.B74.de


He guys, it is OLYMPIA time. I own an official USA TEAM outfitter track jacket from 2004. Damn, time is running. I did a trip to California in 2004 and stopped by in Los Angeles. At the same time the Olympic Games took place in Athens – historic! As it was just a few days ago, I know exactly the look of the shop where I bought this jacket – but I am sorry, that I can’t remember the name and location of the shop. I think it was a “ROOT” flag ship store, but I am not sure. I love the states from being a child on and when I saw this track jacket, it was a “Must-Buy”. No wonder, that I liked the look and the well-done details even nowadays. Okay, today wondering about the fact, that this jacket was not MADE IN USA … but what a pleasure, it was made in Canada by ROOTS – and not somewhere cheap in Asia – I think you know the discussion about the TRUMP cap Made in China “Make America great again” – what a f***ing bad joke. This USA TEAM track jacket stands out for its excellent quality – right now after 12 years. “Roots went on to be the official outfitter for members of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams from 2000 to 2004, and was the official outfitter for the Canadian Speed Skating Team in 2006. Roots outfitted the United States Olympic and Paralympic Teams in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Other teams that Roots outfitted include the British Olympic Team (2002, 2004), and the Barbados Olympic Team (2004).” I wear this jacket often, when I go to the gym and I feel the looks on it – this jacket is extraordinary here in Germany. Red, white and blue worn with proud by a black, red and gold one … ! pics | LTG | © Getty Images


B74, European distributor of JOHNSON MOTORS INC., got a lot of new mens tee styles. Here you’ll find just a few of these great motives printed on different colored shirts. Made of 100% ringspun slub cotton, in our traditional slim fit with the Johnson Motors signature self rib and suture stitch. The guys from JoMo knit their own yarn that they cut, sew, dye, print and hand finish in the city of Los Angeles. All graphic art is hand drawn. T-shirts are garment dyed and pre-shrunk. My absolute favorite is style LAST MILE, the “CALIFORNIA DREAMING” helmet skull – the natural white one. The JOMO bandana is now available in four different colors: red, olive, navy and black. The colors are more intensive than in the past – cool! Check your local JoMo dealer for the new styles or contact KAMI, owner of B74, via mail at info@b-74.de or give him a direct call from MO to FR, 11:00 till 19:00, fon +49 69 293329 or Facebook pics | LTG | JoMo


isn’t that truck beautiful? maybe you remember that i did a post about ICON’s FORD BRONCO? the THRIFTMASTER was released november 2013 at SEMA. in 2014 los angeles based ICON will only build 5 ultimate THIRFTMASTER pick ups. each truck will be signed and sequentially numbered – for a pricing range from $220,000 to 250.000. in the future there will be a wider range of this beautiful remade truck. here some facts about the THIRFTMASTER: “This first, “Ultimate Edition” ICON Thriftmaster, comes in your choice of body color (matte or gloss finish), with your choice of manual or automatic transmission, naturally aspirated or with an intercooled supercharger. Otherwise, it comes one way… loaded. Standard equipment includes four wheel disc brakes, A/C, PW, PDL, Wi-Fi Hot Spot, Web-enabled Kenwood and Audison digital audio, NAV, tilt column, copious insulation, Bison hide seating, Wilton wool carpet, Alcantara headliner, smoked glass, and innovative brushed nickel plated trim with aircraft ceramic clear coat … Never before has a classic pick up managed such comfort and handling. With approximately 315 horsepower, which can be upgrated to 435HP, 5.3 Ltr. V8, there is plenty of power on hand. With Wilwood oversized disc brakes at all four corners, 60-0 is equally impressive. The Platform specific Art Morrison chassis is unparalleled in its balance and handling characteristics … (press release autoblog.com). damn, what a unique truck … with a unique price for sure. it is with all the things ICONS does like the JEEP CJ, the TOYOTAs FJ and the BRONCO. can’t stop staring at it … all pics | © ICON


not only 2 more for my cap and hat collection: these 2 TOPO DESIGNS caps. they are special because of their classic look and because of made in the USA. most caps you get today come from anywhere … f*** … i owned these last december when UWE  E. MAIER c/o AMTRAQ did a sample sale @ b-74. the red one i nearly wear every day since i bought it. great fit, cool looking. you know that TOPO sponsors KIAM, son of KAMI owner of RED WING STORE FRANKFURT and B-74? one of our best BMX artists in germany. check this out: KIAM pics | LTG | pics KIAM UWE E. MAIER or KAMI himself …


yes, today i got another xmas present. FRED c/o redwing.1905 blog brought me a special piece of denim from LOS ANGELES which he picked up there two weeks ago: a wonderful JOMO jeans made of vintage deadstock raw denim with a lot of details. thanks to SEAN, JULIO and EDDY from JOMO, LA. i think the denim is about 14.oz and the structure of the cotton is really interesting and looking old school. very nice the two different seams at the back pockets – good idea. my pant is the first made with this closed top button; the buttons before have had a whole in the middle. the legs are open seemed and the fit is really tight and tapered. for sure this rare piece of denim is handmade at JOMO headquater in LA by taylor JULIO. FRED took some photos when JULIO made MY JOMO jeans. so guys: thank you again! pics | LTG


back from my summer holidays this wkd i found again a nice stamped large letter from FRED c/o RW1905 blog in the post box. FRED was in the USA at the beginning of june. the letter was stamped in LOS ANGELES at the 4th of june and i went on holidays at the 19th of july. the letter took a long way to germany. FRED send me the black JOMO bandana. great! now i got the trio completed. love the design and the touch of these pieces of cotton. thank you so much, FRED! pics | LTG