what a wonderful car! found @ awesome MAN OF THE WORLD site. maybe you do not know this site? then it’s time to check it out, not only because of great vintage cars but because of a lot of other interesting things for men: www.manoftheworld.com .

but take a look at the facts of this beautiful FORD BRONCO given by MAN OF THE WORLD: “Straight forward design, bulletproof driveline and a well-established network of enthusiasts have made the Ford Bronco a favorite with vintage SUV fans, who will like what they see in this 1976 model that was treated to a frame-off restoration completed in 2010 and has since been driven fewer than 1, 000 miles. Showing a believed-accurate 67,000 original miles,  this smart-looking and fresh White-over-Blue Bronco is powered by a 302/125 HP 2-barrel V-8 and equipped with factory bucket seats, air conditioning, power steering and brakes and automatic transmission.”

42,000,00 bucks and it will be yours … pics | MAN OF THE WORLD


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