Maybe you heard about it: in 2020 a new Defender will be launched. But this one will be far away from the Defenders of yesterday that were built till 2015. So what’s about this incredible 1991 Land Rover Defender 110 with a V8 engine. “Imported from the UK and breathing through a 3.5-Liter V8, this right-hand-drive model sends power through a five-speed manual transmission and a two-speed transfer case. This 110 also sits on a two-inch suspension lift and BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A tires. The inside is as bare as you like it with simple blue cloth upholstery. This Defender isn’t an out-of-this-world restomod or a faithful numbers matching model, but it’s just the right amount of classic with a few tame updates to make it more capable. (Gear Patrol).” To maximize your appetite on this blue classic monster Defender check up the pics of the ugly 2020 Defender below. For more information check the great Blog-site of Gear Patrol.

© Photos: Hannah Krueger for Gear Patrol

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And this will be the ugly 2020 Land Rover Defender



As a constant reader of Life Time Gear blog you must know that I am a great Camaro aficionado. Today I found this nice 1967 Pace Car Tribute. 1967 … it’s my year of birth and I dream to own a Camaro built in this year. This one is in such perfect restored condition. And believe me, I am not a fan of convertibles, but this Cam is so  f***in nice! It is offered by John Scotti, Montreal, Canada. About 88.000 Canadian dollars and it will be yours … for more information contact: © Photos: John Scotti

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If I would have the right place to park, I mean enough space, and if I would have some money to play with, this truck would be mine! This Jeep Wagoneer is such a beauty and it would be the perfect car for me and my dog “Toni”. The price is nice too and the condition seems to be perfect. It was built in 1979 and the speedometer just shows nearly 26.000 kilometers. V8, automatic, 4-wheel-drive, a lot of chrome and such nice colors in and outside with a smart wood application – classic! The car is located in Bonn, Germany, and it is sold by Alltagsklassiker. So check the site for more information.
© Photos: Jasmin Isnenghi for

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Sorry guys for doing less posts the last weeks, but business is heavy. If you know, I am a great CAMARO fan, but if I would drive an all terrain vehicle there would be just two choices: a JEPP WRANGLER or a LAND ROVER DEFENDER. This morning I found this offer @ great GEAR PATROL shop. For 47.500 US$ this beauty could be yours. Here what GP says about this “One Ten”: “In 1983, Land Rover launched the One Ten a name referring to the purpose-built utility vehicle’s 110-inch wheelbase. Starting in the early 1990s, these models became known as Defender 110s to cement the model nomenclature. (The 110’s slightly shorter sibling, the Defender 90, featured a 93-inch wheelbase.) By 1985 all Defender models were running permanent four-wheel-drive and more modern features than their predecessors,  like one-piece windscreens and updated interiors. In January of 2016, after 67 years, Land Rover announced it would finally end production of the Defender, committing it to history as the king of overlanders. This pickup-style model was sourced in Switzerland, where its watchmaker owner restored the car to its original glory, including a rebuild of the 3.5-liter V8 and four-speed manual gearbox. He also added a four-barrel carburetor; Exmoor seats and interior parts; a complete repaint; and a new clutch,  new disc brakes,  new calipers and a new canvas top. Since his meticulous restoration about five years ago,  the truck has been driven only 5,000 kilometers.The vehicle was imported by Dutch Safari Company.” To inquire, email to If I could, I would … all pics | Gear Patrol


As a constant reader of LTG blog you must know that I love late 60s and 70s US muscle cars, especially CAMAROS! Myself, I own a CAMARO 5th generation, but my dream is a 67 or 69. Take a look at these three black beauties – damn, one nicer than the other – dreaming for this …

Car aficionado and all-around GM guy Steve Shauger has collected quite a few Chevy pony cars in his day, but he insists the 1969 model is the best. In his search for the greatest Camaros ever built, he has corralled these three stunners, all glazed in Code 10 Tuxedo Black paint. Only 1.7 percent of the Camaros built that year wore that particular code on their flanks, adding to the hue’s rarity.
For technical informations and some history of this three CAMAROS please check this link: all pics |

 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Copo

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible


Love this Chevy shit. I am a great CAMARO fan and also a driver of an amazing 4th generation orange beast. But beside i rather love nearly all the classic Chevys from the 50s to the late 70s and early 80s. So iI was really surprised that one of my absolute favorites will be produced again: the Chevrolet El Camino. Found this information @ They write that 2016 the El Camino will be launched. And this what the Bold Ride site tells about this spectacular launch: “2016 Chevy Camaro’s debut is just around the corner. With it, comes the new lightweight Alpha platform and a host of different engine and power options. Indeed, the next generation Camaro is looking to take on Ford’s Mustang and hoping to squash the rivalry once and for all. But the use of GM’s Alpha platform had us wondering what else Chevy could do with it. It already sits under the ATS, CTS  and upcoming Camaro, but there seems to be endless possibilities for the lighter, more advanced frame. That’s where this El Camino SS concept comes into play. Sent to us on Facebook by way of the Camaro5 forum,  this future look at a new El Camino has us drooling.” The original El Camino was produced between 1959/1960 and then from 1964–1987. Check out the nice vintage folder and brochures below – so nice graphics – what an awesome car! pics | Chevrolet // Folder & brochures collected by Old Car Manual Project










current bid on auction is $130,000 @ JULIEN’S LIVE. what’s up? this TRANS AM was the real star beside BURT REYNOLDS at SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT. now you can get one of this 70s muscle machines which is actually owned by REYNOLDS. it is the famous 77 TRANS AM COUPE with the well known gold “screaming chicken” on the hood, 400-cubic-inch (6.55 litre machine) certainly V8 with 4-barrel carburetor and an automatic transmission. nice details: a sign inside the driver’s door proclaims that the car is owned by REYNOLDS and there is a BANDIT logo on the door. nice! pics |


isn’t that truck beautiful? maybe you remember that i did a post about ICON’s FORD BRONCO? the THRIFTMASTER was released november 2013 at SEMA. in 2014 los angeles based ICON will only build 5 ultimate THIRFTMASTER pick ups. each truck will be signed and sequentially numbered – for a pricing range from $220,000 to 250.000. in the future there will be a wider range of this beautiful remade truck. here some facts about the THIRFTMASTER: “This first, “Ultimate Edition” ICON Thriftmaster, comes in your choice of body color (matte or gloss finish), with your choice of manual or automatic transmission, naturally aspirated or with an intercooled supercharger. Otherwise, it comes one way… loaded. Standard equipment includes four wheel disc brakes, A/C, PW, PDL, Wi-Fi Hot Spot, Web-enabled Kenwood and Audison digital audio, NAV, tilt column, copious insulation, Bison hide seating, Wilton wool carpet, Alcantara headliner, smoked glass, and innovative brushed nickel plated trim with aircraft ceramic clear coat … Never before has a classic pick up managed such comfort and handling. With approximately 315 horsepower, which can be upgrated to 435HP, 5.3 Ltr. V8, there is plenty of power on hand. With Wilwood oversized disc brakes at all four corners, 60-0 is equally impressive. The Platform specific Art Morrison chassis is unparalleled in its balance and handling characteristics … (press release damn, what a unique truck … with a unique price for sure. it is with all the things ICONS does like the JEEP CJ, the TOYOTAs FJ and the BRONCO. can’t stop staring at it … all pics | © ICON