this shirt is from the time when LVC invested much love and time in unique pieces. certainly made in usa! i found this shirt yesterday in a storage box while looking for an old western shirt. i think i bought it about 2002 for my wife and it was so f***ing expensive but special. when i interpret the numbers on the label print correctly the shirt was made in august 2001 (08/01). i remember where i bought it: at HECKMANN in DARMSTADT, GERMANY, who sold a lot of genius LVC stuff at this time. i think to remember some one told me that MADONNA wore this shirt on stage. anyway it is so well done and has so many details to check. wonderful un-countable pearly buttons, push buttons with engraved LS&CO S.F., perfect vintage color irregularities in faded blue, tan, grey and yellow, different sorts of seams in different colors … AWESOME. i think i should frame the shirt and hang it up in my office … beside, my wife never wore the shirt; she thought it was too showy, too crazy.  pics | LTG





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