The last weeks I relaunched the site and online shop. I did a lot of new photos to give the page a clear and uniform look. I also put the new spring/summer stuff 2021 online we stock here at the Tellason Germany warehouse in Frankfurt. It is just a small selection but you’ll find a lot of “Life Time Gear” pieces. One of my absolute favorites is the combination of the bone colored “Baker Jacket”, “JK Vest” and “Work Pant”. The short version of Tellason’s iconic “Fatigue Pant” will be your best companion for the upcoming summer – available in olive, navy and british tan made of 100% cotton sateen. Also perfect for summer and warmer spring days is this new stuff made of 100% lightweight Ripstop cotton: “Field Jacket”, “BDU Jacket”, “Fatigue Pants” in black and olive and the “Bowling Shirt” … What are your Tellason summertime favorites?

We also restocked the Garment Dyed “Coverall Jackets” made in USA of 13oz. bull denim … I own myself the “Mustard” and the “International Orange” one. I think you can’t have enough Coverall Jackets 😉 this is what I call “Life Time Gear” at its best. Have a great weekend folks.

© Photos: Life Time Gear | Tellason Germany & Tellason USA [Advertisement due to tagging of brands]

Baker Jacket Bone
Worker Pant Bone
BDU Jacket Olive
Fatigue Pant Ripstop Black
Fatigue Pant Ripstop Olive
Field Jacket Ripstop Olive
Field Jacket Ripstop Black
Bowling Shirt Ripstop Olive
Fatigue Shorts Sateen British Tan
Fatigue Shorts Sateen Olive
Fatigue Shorts Sateen Navy
Coverall Jacket Garment Dyed in Mustard (left) and International Orange


Next Saturday 27th of April Les Apaches de Francfort will open the Bike Summer Season at B74 Selected Goods with a big event. Last year I joined this event and I can tell you don’t miss it! And if you don’t own a bike that doesn’t matter, because it is an event for the whole family with music, barbecue and other attractions. The Opening Run will start at 11:00 – meeting at 10:00 at B74 Selected Goods Berliner Str. 74, 60311 Frankfurt Germany. If you want to be part of the opening run please send your confirmation to till the 24th of April. The Chill & Grill event will start at 14:00 at B74 Selected Goods. If there will be bad weather the event will be one weekend later at the 04th of Mai; same time table. Here just some impressions from last years event.

© Photos: Life Time Gear [Advertisement due to tagging of brands]


Last Saturday I joined the Summer Season Opening 2018 of “Les Apaches de Francfort” at B74 Selected Goods in Frankfurt. It was a fuckin’ great day with best weather, more than 80!!! bikes, best food, drinks and some Rock’n’Roll. From 11:30 to 15:00 the folks were on the road and after that the party started. So many different people, so many different bikes, no clichés at all – everything seemed to be really authentic. It was great to be there and to take a breath of this wonderful atmosphere. pics | LTG



Hi Guys, for those who did not hear about the collaboration between RWS Store Frankfurt, Germany, and me, now you know it. Since 1 1/2 year I feed the Instagram – @redwingfrankfurt –, the Facebook and Twitter – – accounts of the oldest and very first Red Wing Shoe Store outside the USA. And it is a great pleasure for me to do that, day by day. Working with friends, working for friends, working for maybe the best shoe brand of the world – yeah, it is indeed a great honor for me to do this! Before we start working together there was a long and deep friendship with Kami, Store-owner, and the other guys of the great Red Wing Frankfurt family. Our team work was a logical consequence and a win-to-win situation for us Red Wing aficionados. And I think  we do a good job – our number of followers is growing day by day. So come on and be part of the Red Wing Family and follow us, too 😉 … pics | LTG and others


This week the pre-order of this fantastic T-shirt will end. Don’t miss it! The heavyweight shirt is custom hand printed, features a couple of handmade patch designs and is for sure screen-printed in Germany. Here is the link to get your shirt – my order was done weeks before 😉 pics | Kim “The Butcher” Schreiner


Last week I had the possibility to shoot two vintage pairs of BRÜTTING DIAMOND BRAND sneakers. Nearly 40 years old but still in good shape with wonderful patina. The white sneaker is an original classic ROADRUNNER, available since 1967, which is named “LongJog” today – compare the old vs. new versions below. The tan sneaker is an original ASTROTURFER, which was introduced in the 1970s especially to be applied on synthetic turf which was known as ASTROTURF®. Today this shoe is named “RoadJog”. All sneakers, the old and new ones, of the DIAMOND BRAND Collection are build on the same last named “Lydiard-Leisten” which was developed by Eugen Brütting and New Zealand Athlete and Trainer Arthur Lydiard. The special thing is the “sickle shape” which is a special mark of the DIAMOND BRAND shoes. Both sneakers show the famous “DIAMOND BRAND” label. The Brand-name was introduced to increase the awareness level also outside Germany and to make marketing easier. That’s the reason why BRÜTTING still uses this Brandname for the actual collection. The vintage ROADRUNNER seems to be resoled – a service which is still offered today. B74 has the LongJog in “allblack” and the RoadJog in “dust”. More Infos @ B74 – – or give Kami a call +49 69 293329. pics | LTG



He guys, it is OLYMPIA time. I own an official USA TEAM outfitter track jacket from 2004. Damn, time is running. I did a trip to California in 2004 and stopped by in Los Angeles. At the same time the Olympic Games took place in Athens – historic! As it was just a few days ago, I know exactly the look of the shop where I bought this jacket – but I am sorry, that I can’t remember the name and location of the shop. I think it was a “ROOT” flag ship store, but I am not sure. I love the states from being a child on and when I saw this track jacket, it was a “Must-Buy”. No wonder, that I liked the look and the well-done details even nowadays. Okay, today wondering about the fact, that this jacket was not MADE IN USA … but what a pleasure, it was made in Canada by ROOTS – and not somewhere cheap in Asia – I think you know the discussion about the TRUMP cap Made in China “Make America great again” – what a f***ing bad joke. This USA TEAM track jacket stands out for its excellent quality – right now after 12 years. “Roots went on to be the official outfitter for members of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams from 2000 to 2004, and was the official outfitter for the Canadian Speed Skating Team in 2006. Roots outfitted the United States Olympic and Paralympic Teams in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Other teams that Roots outfitted include the British Olympic Team (2002, 2004), and the Barbados Olympic Team (2004).” I wear this jacket often, when I go to the gym and I feel the looks on it – this jacket is extraordinary here in Germany. Red, white and blue worn with proud by a black, red and gold one … ! pics | LTG | © Getty Images


Today I went to Maruhn “The World of Beverages”, one of the best sorted shops in Germany! The last months I collected a lot of beverage boxes in the basement of special craft beers, exotic soft drinks etc that I just could give back directly to Maruhn – complicated because of driving some kilometers, but pure money. So I got nearly 30 € back and I did not want to take another new box with me. So I decided to check Maruhn’s Gin rack. Damn … !!! I don’t know how many different sorts of Gin Maruhn offers, but believe me: nearly uncountable. And the best is, that you find really exotic sorts and labels beside all these nowadays hipster Gins like Monkey 47, Ferdinand’s etc. So I discovered GIN SIEBEN. When you live in Hessen, Germany, you know what “Grüne Soße” or as the Frankfurt citizens say “Grie Soß” is. You don’t know? “In Germany green sauce is known as Frankfurter Grüne Soße. It is a traditional dish in Frankfurt and Hessen. The cold herb sauce consists of sour cream, boiled eggs, spices, and of course, herbs.  Rumours and heated discussions about the origins of the Frankfurter Grüne Soße, as well as what is considered the authentic recipe, circulate about this famous german food.” (by Germany Insider Facts). GIN SIEBEN is made of the obligatory juniper but combined with the typical “Grüne Soße” botanicals like borage – great taste! –, chervil, peppergrass, parsley, burnet, garden sorrel and chive. What a wonderful taste, not so extreme fruity but really pleasant extraordinary but smooth – I am excited. All seven herbs come from Oberrad, a part of the Frankfurt City, the of the herbs is inspired by Frankfurt’s “Grie Soß”, the basic alcohol is from a distillery near Frankfurt, the grain for this also, the same with the water: a “Frankfurt Original”. Check the GIN SIEBEN Website for ordering or ask your Gin dealer. pics | LTG || graphics | GIN SIEBEN


After 4 really nice but busy days B74 ORDERSHOW is closed since 3:pm. The folks, the last clients for today and the exhibitors went away in the weekend after packing all the stuff and the booths to their vans. Smooth and relaxing without any stress and hectic pace … like the other days … see you in January 2017. pics | LTG