One of my favorite labels referring to accessories is the brand INDIGO PEOPLE. Indigo People is founded on the love for traditional, craftsmanship and the beauty of natural indigo. Their
products are manually dyed in natural indigo and handcrafted by passionate artisans following authentic techniques with a long tradition. The fully manual production and natural dyeing process
result in little imperfections in the product. Color material and sizing variations give each item a unique appearance. I got the new look-book from Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution for a peek – and this here is just a very small selection of all the wonderful blue colored treasure. I love these batik printed bandanas so much! The stuff will be available in stores Fall 2019. For stockists check Amtraq Distribution. © Photos | Indigo People 

[Advertisement due to tagging of brands]

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