ILLINGEN? never heard about? ILLINGEN is a small village near saarbruecken at the german / french border. maybe you checked my blog posts about MAENNERABEND @ ILLINGEN last november. last week OLI, owner of BREMERICH JEANS, send me a box to check up his newest japanese denim label TCB. this is really something special because TCB is just available at 2 shops in europe: somewhere in UK i think it is LONDON and in ILLINGEN. it’s unbelievable but OLI sold meanwhile 12 FLAT HEAD jeans in small ILLINGEN in the middle of nowhere and so he and his son DUSTIN decided to take one more japanese denim label to their sales range: TCB. this label is producing only these two 5-pocket jeans: a 50s and a 60s cut. both 13.5 oz raw denims are made of zimbabwe cotton in OKAYAMA, japan. the 50s denim is fit loose, a bit more “hairy” and “grained” and not so deep blue. typical are the covered rivets at the back inside pockets and the small red “flag”- really nice! maybe the 60s model is a bit more commercial OLI thinks because of its slimmer fit. and i promise you both models have a great price for japanese denim. check up  BREMERICH JEANS or send OLI a mail: pics | LTG