Some days ago my buddy OLIVER BREMERICH c/o BREMERICH JEANS send me a box full of BLAUMANN Products to check these. The word BLAUMANN stands in Germany normally for an easy working overall – or just generally for pure and simple working clothes. At first I thought, okay, for sure another product jumping on this heritage train, just another raw denim jeans … but I was really surprised about this original well done and stand alone German product. The “Schmaler Blaumann”, which means Tapered Fit, is a perfect fitting piece made of 15oz Kuroki Denim woven on shuttle looms from Japan. So: the denim is made in Japan, but the cut and the production, the stitching of the pants is completely done in Germany. All materials except the denim cotton, the tags, buttons, yarns and the lining for the pockets are made in Germany. A great idea while a lot of fuckers nowadays send there stuff to somewhere to produce it with child hands and people earning money under minimum wages. The pants are available in 32 and 34 inch length but are about 11 cm longer because these shall be worn with a turn up. It would be shame not to show the wonderful selvage stitch. Okay the price is not the lowest, but for a raw denim more than acceptable compared to others. Check the pics for wonderful details the BLAUMANN men put to their product … I like this a lot! With the raw denim shirt named “SCHMALES BLAUMANN-HEMD”, which means slim fit shirt, is made of 8oz Kuroki denim and all the other materials are made in Germany too. It is manufactured in Oberpfalz, Germany like the pants. For more information about the products please check: or call Oliver directly +49 177 4843400. He is a japan denim maniac and expert. pics | LTG



Last week Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution send me this brand new classic Fatigue Pants made by TELLASON. Damn – these are really nice. So comfortable, loose fit but with contemporary tapered legs for a perfect fit and look. The design is classic – Fatigue Pant in 8.5 oz cotton sateen, based on the famous OG-107: “The OG-107 was the basic work utility uniform of all branches of the United States Armed Forces from 1952 until its discontinuation in 1989. The designation came from the U.S. Army’s coloring code “Olive Green 107” and “Olive Green 507”, which were shades of dark green, the OG-107 being cotton and OG-507 polyester-cotton blend introduced in the early 1970s. Regardless of the fabric, the two shades were almost identical. The OG-107 was superseded by the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) throughout the 1980s, and was also used by several other countries, including ones that received military aid from the United States.” TELLASON offers this modern well done  “Replica” in khaki and traditional olive. The Fatigues are Made in Italy, are pre-washed and feature a zip fly, the typical buttoned back and large front pockets. I wore the pants for the first time when doing the pics … I still wear the olive one … love it: so comfortable, so good lookin’ … So: this is what I call Life Time Gear! The pants are exclusively available @ B74, Cultizm, UBS Classics, Riders Room, Gross4 Aces, Trekkingladen Regensburg, Bremerich Jeans, Denim & Iron and Lord. pics | LTG


as last year it was again a fantastic event in the out of nowhere in SAARLAND, germany, near the previous french border. great, what the BREMERICH FAMILY particularly OLI BREMERICH and his team from the shop arrange and organize for MAENNERABEND every year. the guys in and around this small town ILLINGEN can be lucky! also, here out in the country the people are so cool, so kind and so honest – a great atmosphere! when i sometimes join events in big towns the folks are often so bigheaded and such a kind of fake. so what, this was a wonderful night, which was much too short … time was running so fast. a big thank you again to KATJA & OLI BREMERICH for best hospitably. for me it is something like coming home when visiting OLI & KATJA. i did a lot of pics so i will post a second part later. pics // LTG


today i got a parcel from OLI BREMERICH owner of BREMERICH JEANS, ILLINGEN, GERMANY. wonderful, because it’s “MAENNERABEND” time again and OLI wants me to get stimulated for tomorrow evening. so he send me 2 bottles of FERDINANDS DRY GIN and the official invitation, i made for him. great idea. while writing this post i try the SAAR QUINCE GIN i did not know before – just on the rocks, without tonic or water. sounds great for me as a RIESLING lover, because this “SLOE GIN” is “riesling wine infused”. f***, what a great taste. this golden stuff is at the same time so smooth and tasty. and FERDINAND’S  DRY GIN – one of my absolute GIN favorites –, which is made of 30 fine botanicals from the local vineyards is so perfect done too. okay, enough compliments: take your own bottle of FERDINANDS and enjoy it – for more information and shopping, check you may ask why OLI send this stuff to me? not just to prepare for tomorrow eveining, but the owner of FERDINAND’S will do a gin tasting at  “MAENNERABEND”. furthermore UWE E. MAIER c/o AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION, ROB and KEITH from EAT DUST will join the event and show some stuff of their actual and upcoming collections. beside OLI will show the folks some new stuff from FILSON, RED WING SHOES and various JAPANESE DENIMs. great, i am happy to join an evening with friends tomorrow … photos // LTG


ILLINGEN? never heard about? ILLINGEN is a small village near saarbruecken at the german / french border. maybe you checked my blog posts about MAENNERABEND @ ILLINGEN last november. last week OLI, owner of BREMERICH JEANS, send me a box to check up his newest japanese denim label TCB. this is really something special because TCB is just available at 2 shops in europe: somewhere in UK i think it is LONDON and in ILLINGEN. it’s unbelievable but OLI sold meanwhile 12 FLAT HEAD jeans in small ILLINGEN in the middle of nowhere and so he and his son DUSTIN decided to take one more japanese denim label to their sales range: TCB. this label is producing only these two 5-pocket jeans: a 50s and a 60s cut. both 13.5 oz raw denims are made of zimbabwe cotton in OKAYAMA, japan. the 50s denim is fit loose, a bit more “hairy” and “grained” and not so deep blue. typical are the covered rivets at the back inside pockets and the small red “flag”- really nice! maybe the 60s model is a bit more commercial OLI thinks because of its slimmer fit. and i promise you both models have a great price for japanese denim. check up  BREMERICH JEANS or send OLI a mail: pics | LTG



it was so nice yesterday night at MAENNERABEND in ILLINGEN. after a terrible drive through heavy traffic, storms and rain we got to BREMERICH JEANS. and ican tell you: ILLINGEN may be a little village but it is so nice and i was so surprised when i got into OLI BREMERICH’s shop. perfect – i did not expect this! and the next surprise was the crowd of men listened to the RED WING guys, MONTI & ROBIN from the ONE GOODS, WOLFGANG from PASSIONFRANCE®, ROB & KEITH from EAT DUST … OLI – great work, good job, best organized. thanks for this nice evening. here just some expressions. pics | LTG

3 generations BREMERICHS
the crowd I
FRED BSCHADEN & AXEL RWS shop B/HH/M explaining some RWS details
the crowd II
PETER ZIMMER friend, neighbour and copywriter of mine
AXEL, RED WING passion
final shot – early in the morning with SEBASTIAN, MONTI, OLI, PETER, ROBIN and MARKUS, 
the man with the best shoes of the evening (from right to left) – damn, i do not know the name … 
send me a mail man …


OLI BREMERICH is what BONIFATIUS was for the catholics: a missionary. something like a missionary for all those guys in the sticks around ILLINGEN, SAARLAND, germany, who do not know what good denim and boots mean. ILLINGEN? where the f*** is ILLINGEN? okay, found it on the map: it is a small village 20 km in the north of SAARBRUECKEN just a spy away from the french border in the west of germany. it is really small with around 16.800 people who live there. and one of them is OLI. he runs the shop i do not know, but i think in third generation. the store was founded in 1934! BREMERICH JEANS sells japanese denim, american workwear, heavy boots and all the other stuff we like. in ILLINGEN?, you may ask – yes indeed, and it works! so it will get exciting visiting his 8TH “MAENNERABEND” tonight. a lot of clients and friends were invited and the guys from EAT DUST, PASSIONFRANCE®, RED WING SHOES, THE ONE GOODS and ME. my copywriter PETER will join the event too. i think it will be a relaxed evening with good talks, drinks and typical “MAENNERABEND” food. more to post the next days. the EAT DUST STUFF for today came on time with a special personal deliviery some days ago; check the video below. vid | BREMERICH JEANS || pics | LTG