in july 2011 i did a post about MASH’s reproduced WWII US ARMY & AAF M-42 SERVICE SHOES. this post seems to be very interested for you guys – since more than 2.5 years still a lot of people check this blogpost. so i will you show a second reproduction that is well done and sold by MASH, japan: the WWII US ARMY & AAF M-43 SERVICE SHOES. as nice as the M42 with a lot of great details exactly authentically reproduced from the original boot. the WWII shoe lasts which are well known as “DR. MUNSON’S SHOE LAST” are full copied and should be very comfortable as the MASH team appreciates. the people from MASH studied over 100 pairs of originals before the rebuild their M-43. for more detailed information check the MASH site. there you can buy these wonderful replica boots for about 360 US $. some more facts from MASH about the M-43: “goodyear welt constructed shoe, blucher Pattern, with 1/2 bellows tongue, out-side counter pocket, full toe vamp, heavy first quality bend outersole, slip tap, out-side tap of reclaim rubber and reclaim rubber heel. the leather is best quality, heavy army rough side out. the shoe is unlined.” pics | © MASH JAPAN


long time no post: too much to work … heavy days just 2 weeks before i will go to spain for a 14 days holiday with the family. i have a lot of jobs to finish before.

when cooking last evening i remembered my grandma MARIA because of using this spoon below. my grandma died years ago and i told my mother that the only thing i MUST have is this wonderful spoon i used from childhood on. it reminds me the great time with my grandma who was the best you can imagine. i always loved to stay there. i don’t know why, but i know exactly that as a little boy i was already fascinated by these 2 letters: US, and i knew that this spoon was ripped, however, from the BLACK HORSE REGIMENT that was garrisoned at FULDA after WWII. when i stayed at my grandma i saw the GIs passing the house where she lived for decades when they did their morning runs, singing and shouting. i will never forget this. and sorry, i miss the army in FULDA and DARMSTADT. it was a little piece of the USA here in germany. pics | LTG