what a nice found @ wonderful woodlands site: the INDIGO WOODLANDS promotion, watching at some really nice blue colored TANNER GOODS stuff. here is what WOODLANDS say about their promotion: “Spring time in the Northwest means we can look forward to a few of our favorite things, all in shades of blue. Fresh wild blueberries from the slopes of Mt. Adams, the clouds parting for periodic blue skies [a welcome sight this time of year.] or coming up on a clean copy of Donald Byrd’s Blackbyrd [Blue Note Records, 1975] at our local digging spot. In the spirit of blue, we’re excited to offer our Standard Belt and Key Lanyard in an Indigo Chromexcel colorway, exclusive at The Woodlands and both make for the perfect companion to a new pair of denim from 3sixteen, Tellason and Rogue Territory. Additionally for the next week,  we are offering a special Indigo package. Simply navigate to the Indigo collection page to purchase a brand new pair of denim,  and an Indigo Standard belt of your choice for a specially discounted package price.” i like this bklue leather stuff: is something different than all these tan, brown or black, redwood pieces. maybe UWE c/o AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION will bring this navy stuff sometime to germany. pics | WOODLANDS

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