I think this is one of the most awesome pieces I own. Damn, when I got this shit out of the sack where it was packed i said “YES, YES, YES … this is it” Great. FEINSCHMUCK you did best work again. The stingray patterned hook is so nice to look at and touch and the lanyard which was done by great leather artisan ARNO BUCK needs no words. Sorry, but i must praise myself a bit because the idea for this combination i had myself. The lanyard of my beloved RED MOON wallet which is now about 9 years old breaks more and more and so i was searching for a lanyard which fits this wonderful wallet … but i couldn’t find one. So FEINSCHMUCK and ARNO had to made one. THX ALEXANDER for attending this great job and made my idea real. The anchor is a vintage piece from WERKSTATT MUENCHEN; it’s about 15 years old and I wore it a long time around my neck. enjoy the pics. pics | LTG


i love my wallets from TANNER GOODS. so i needed these in black and oxblood. as you see in the pics below the oxblood colored is my favorit. i own it now for a year and since i got it, i wore it nearly everyday. just changed sometimes to the black one or the TANNER GOODS card holder. the wallets are made of 3.5 oz HORWEEN CHROMEXCEL, feature four cards slots in which you can put easily more than just one card, two interior pockets for cash and receipts, one zippered coin pocket, which i do not use because of avoiding my cards crashing. each wallet is burnished, dyed, waxed and stamped with the TANNER GOODS signature maker’s mark by hand. the oxblood wallet i usually combine with the original LONG TETHER and sometimes with a lanyard from PETER FIELDS. the black one i combine with an OBBI GOOD LABEL wallet chain i got from BURG & SCHILD. AMTRAQ does the distribution for TANNER GOODS in germany, austria, switzerland, netherlands and belgium. please check this link where to get this perfect wallets: AMTRAQ stockists. pics | LTG


yesterday the new PETER FIELDS wallet rope arrived. the rope is made by their selves in berlin: a made in germany thing combined with brass hook and shackel from japan. it is made of a vegetable tanned leather. i got it in brown and hope that they will do a black one too because it works so good with my TANNER GOODS wallets i own in black and oxblood. good job ANIE & co! some more facts: total lenght: 46,5 cm (18,3 inch), hook: 7 cm (2,8 inch), shackle: 2, 5 cm (1,0 inch). pics | LTG


what a nice found @ wonderful woodlands site: the INDIGO WOODLANDS promotion, watching at some really nice blue colored TANNER GOODS stuff. here is what WOODLANDS say about their promotion: “Spring time in the Northwest means we can look forward to a few of our favorite things, all in shades of blue. Fresh wild blueberries from the slopes of Mt. Adams, the clouds parting for periodic blue skies [a welcome sight this time of year.] or coming up on a clean copy of Donald Byrd’s Blackbyrd [Blue Note Records, 1975] at our local digging spot. In the spirit of blue, we’re excited to offer our Standard Belt and Key Lanyard in an Indigo Chromexcel colorway, exclusive at The Woodlands and both make for the perfect companion to a new pair of denim from 3sixteen, Tellason and Rogue Territory. Additionally for the next week,  we are offering a special Indigo package. Simply navigate to the Indigo collection page to purchase a brand new pair of denim,  and an Indigo Standard belt of your choice for a specially discounted package price.” i like this bklue leather stuff: is something different than all these tan, brown or black, redwood pieces. maybe UWE c/o AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION will bring this navy stuff sometime to germany. pics | WOODLANDS


long time ago OLLI THE BARBER and me had the idea to develop something in collaboration for maybe selling or just give away to good friends. so OLLI did this lanyard for long wallets or knives out of goatskin. i love it. the pieces you see in the photos are just samples. we think about other possibilities for fixation, f.ex. fishhooks. the project is still in progress but i think it looks very good right now and believe me, the lanyard is so strong but flexible at the same time – and very well looking. the knot technic is absolutely perfect. no adhesive is used, the leather holds itself. never saw this before. great idea OLLI! and thank you so much to do a little lanyard for my little LEVI’S REDMOON wallet. see you tomorrow morning for my hair cut refreshed talking about our OTB vs. LTG projects …  pics | LTG