what a simple but wonderful idea: rings made of shoe soles. i think a must-have-accessoire for shoe & boot maniacs. these nice leather pieces i found @ canadian HAVEN SHOP made by japanese shoe & boot maker HENDER SCHEME known from FREE & EASY, CLUTCH and POPEYE magazines. please check their website: it is very well done with some nice effects. the rings are made of the same materials the shoes of HENDER SCHEME are made, stacked together and polished. they are available in 3 colors: in a natural, dark brown and black finish. i think by wearing these rings they will get better and better. hey, let’s do a VIBRAM ring! pics | HAVEN & HENDER SCHEME

here just some samples of shoes made by HENDER SCHEME

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  1. You ARE pure genius! That spool holder is ideal for your rings. I even have a bunch of rings in an exceedingly box that i am forever thumbing through . That spool holder would be nice. that will take up some serious realty on my dresser, though. i'm wondering if there square measure smaller rings


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