last week i went to WOLFGANG c/o PassionFrance with UWE E. MAIER and OLLI THE BARBER to eat one of the best meals i was served this year: a COC AU RIESLING. damn perfect – the chicken were so good. we have had a wonderful evening with a lot of talking, best food and vine. before visiting WOLFGANG i knew that i want to take a BASQUE-YATAGAN KNIFE with me home. so i did: a wonderful one with a cow horn and really nice textures. i love this extraordinary knife style so much. this BASQUE-YATAGAN KNIVE comes from the basque country, spain, and the french provinces which are near the pyrenees. the blade has its origin in the orient because the crusaders brought it to spain and the south of france when thy came back and settled down. today the knives are used by farmer and shepherds. especially tobacco grower around the BERGERAC region where tobacco is cultivated for generations like to use this BASQUE-YATAGAN KNIVE. if tobacco is reaped a jellylike juice is getting out of the plants which makes it difficult to hold the knife. so the rivets and rosettes help to get the perfect grip and developed over the years to a decorative element. the knife i bought has a 12 cm blade, the holder is made of cow horn, blade and back of the holder are needle etched. pics | LTG

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