Hi folks, sorry for a longer break @, but I was busy on the road. So three weeks ago I joined the International Barber Convention in Düsseldorf, Germany. I was booked to do some Social Media for Olli The Barber “Rock’n’Razor” and KMS. It was a great event. Crazy and best styled men – mostly –, pretty women – not many; it was a truly event for men! – and a lot of cool impressions. They choose the best location they could choose: Classic Remise, Düsseldorf, where vintage and extra ordinary cars are parked. To make it short: just take a look at some impressions. Thx. pics | LTG


2 new knives join my knife collection. Again 2 knives from my friends @ PassionFrance®. I am not a big fan of LAGUIOLE knives but when I saw this piece made with an INOX handle I knew it was a must-have. I like the cold and square-edged grip of this cool and clean knife a lot. Take a look at the smart ornaments, clear lines. It is about 11cm long when it is closed with a welded bee. The Sandwik blade is rust free. For more information please check the PassionFrance® site – there is too much to say about LAGUIOLE … The second knife i had to have is this wonderful THIERS liner-lock with a handle made of buckhorn. The absolute opposite to the INOX handle: a nature textured grip – organic. The THIERS is very clean done too: pure clear lines, no needles bric-a-brac, and easy to handle. I love it! More information: PassionFrance®. For sure all knives are made by hand in France! pics | LTG


And here you can check the 2nd part of the Ordershow  SS2016 pics from last Thursday @ B74. pics | LTG

at the Johnson Motors Inc. booth

 at the PASSIONFRANCE® booth

at the RED WING SHOES booth

 just some impressions more: people, booths, stuff …


Last Thursday I went to B74, Frankfurt, Germany, to meet good friends and to check up some upcoming stuff for S/S 2016. As every time it was great – KAMI & IRIS are perfect hosts. Again it was a really hot day in the middle of Frankfurt City, but the vibes downstairs and the temperatures were so cool and really smooth. Beside a lot of nice stuff from PASSIONFRANCE, JOHNSON MOTORS INC., SCARTI LAB, REDWING SHOES etc., I had two highlights: the upcoming collections from 1ST PAT-RN and PRIVATE WHITE VC. And both sales men, CRISTIANO (1ST PAT-RN) and DIRK were so kind to explain me in detail the stuff with such an emotion and addiction that I could have been listened to for hours. … but time was running. Here you can check up just the first part of some pics from this wonderful event. pics | LTG

at the PRIVATE WHITE VC  booth

at the FILSON booth

at the 1ST-PAT-RN booth


got this wonderful red colored DOUK-DOUK from – KLAUS sells PASSION FRANCE now. and for sure i did not know since yesterday that this french classic knife is available in a wonderful rich enamel red – a must-have-item. and the best i got it as a present from KLAUS … thx buddy! formerly the DOUK-DOUK was designed to be sold in french colonies. the engraving on the handle of this knives depict a “DOUK-DOUK”, a native mythological character. my red DOUK-DOUK shows “THE SORCIER” (the sorcerer). the knife is still made from stainless steel in france, its blade is a “turkish clip” contour and its handle is folded steel-metal. it has very slim proportions so that you can put in any pocket. beside, DOUK-DOUK is the preferred knife of the FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION. for much more information please check . my DOUK-DOUK is kept by a OBBI GOOD LABEL MTC wallet chain – love this. its great when you can put a knife to your pant this way. the red DOUK-DOUK CHROMATIQUE is delivered in a red soft leather slip case so that you could put it to your belt. a steel honing rod is included too.  … pics | LTG


yesterday afternoon i got a letter from ALEXANDER VON BRONEWSKI c/o FEINSCHMUCK and master of the great i knew about the content of the letter … exciting: i got my new handmade MONEY CLIP with a patterned STINGRAY bronze surface: AWESOME. , about a year ago i got a hook with the same pattern and material for my PASSION FRANCE ANCHOR LONDON knife. now my bundle is complete. great work by the STROPPEs and ALEX. thank you so much. check the FEINSCHMUCK site they offer really great stuff and the the product range is growing constant.  pics // © life time gear


isn’t that a wonderful combination? i love it. the knife is made by PassionFrance® and the style is named LONDON. it is a maritime knife and because of this i like the combination of the stingray patterned bronze hook with the golden anchor – perfect content. next time i will do a special blog post about this wonderful knife. the hook is massive bronze and very well done – hand made by MARIA and MANFRED STROPPE c/o FEINSCHMUCK. ALEXANDER V. BRONEWSKI, who does the well known and fine, works also for FEINSCHMUCK. he gave me the simple but very nice and durable lace made of kangaroo leather. FEINSCHMUCK does a lot of hooks with different patterns and a lot of more fine accessories made of bronze and other materials. at their website you will find a list of stores where you can buy this beautiful stuff. PassionFrance@ knifes are available online at pics | LTG


this knife is something really special. something with an exciting but sentimental history. the MINEUR was used as the name tells by miners from the middle of the 19th century on. and it is really difficult to describe the environment of this so hard working men and their families in the east of france in these old days. underground mining was the hell: brutal heat, high humidity, dusty. the miners were called by the folks “GUEULES NOIRES” what meant “black muzzles”. it was extremely dangerous in the mines and the families were so poor, because of lowest payment for that hard work. the wives had often worked in a second job and they tried to get a small garden just to get some vegetables, salad and other things to survive. the MINEUR knife was the daily companion of the miners and the people living in that mining regions. the miners wore it open in their bootlegs underground to kill all the hungry rats. when working was done the knife was used in garden or in the kitchen. often the MINEUR was the only knife in a household – unbelievable nowadays. WOLFGANG from PassionFrance told me the history of this simple knife and i was absolutely impressed. everytime i hold this knife i must think for the “GUEULES NOIRES”. 2005 the last mine was closed but the knife still is part of the culture und tradition in the typical mining areas like ARDENNES, ALSAC and LORRAINE. the bar end is so black as the miners faces were. the size and the form enables a perfect grip – i love the edging. it is made of ebony, the blade is 10 cm long and the ressort is needle etched by hand. a wonderful present with a great history. available at VOLLMAR&SÖHNE: . pics | LTG


yesterday i joined B-74’s 5TH anniversary event. it was really nice to meet some friends there and it was a relaxed atmosphere. good people, drinks and food – at the perfect location! all in the invitation listed artisans and merchants were there. KAMI and his staff did a perfect job – smooth. at the same time i could take a peak to UWE E.MAIER’s new AMTRAQ show room which is on the 3rd floor in the same building berliner strasse 74: perfect! pics | LTG

OLI THE BARBER (in the middle), on the right ALEX c/o FEINSCHMUCK & because blog
on the left MARIA c/o FEINSCHMUCK on the right WOLFGANG c/o PassionFrance®
RAKELLE customizing the B-74 RINGS
ROB LONGSTAFF with a fan
customizing belts DUKES
REMSPERGER VATTER” with his little ones – they are so sweet!!!
the HASHEMIS: on the left KAMI, on the right the master of bmx cycling KIAM, in the middle KAMI’s mum & dad
Alex & SABINE c/o PassionFrance®
my little LEVI with Sabine talking about knives
on the right UWE E. MAIER c/o AMTRAQ


this is the first knife i bought from WOLFGANG c/o PassionFrance® some time ago: a CORSE VENDETTA. with this knife my passion for french knives started. this one is special because of its limited design: the three crosses are showing a triangle. it was the last of this series. the „normal“ version of this VENDETTA with an elegant handle of bones has the crosses set in a straight line. it is told that the roots of this knife lie in the genoa daggers, but not for sure. but for sure is, that this knife wasn’t use for working in the garden but for fighting. i don’t know if the name comes from the origin meaning of VENDETTA which stands for blood venegance – i have to ask WOLFGANG. i love the really nice so called TAILE DE GUÊPE, the wasp waist. isn’t that a beautiful knife? pics | LTG