yesterday i joined B-74’s 5TH anniversary event. it was really nice to meet some friends there and it was a relaxed atmosphere. good people, drinks and food – at the perfect location! all in the invitation listed artisans and merchants were there. KAMI and his staff did a perfect job – smooth. at the same time i could take a peak to UWE E.MAIER’s new AMTRAQ show room which is on the 3rd floor in the same building berliner strasse 74: perfect! pics | LTG

OLI THE BARBER (in the middle), on the right ALEX c/o FEINSCHMUCK & because blog
on the left MARIA c/o FEINSCHMUCK on the right WOLFGANG c/o PassionFrance®
RAKELLE customizing the B-74 RINGS
ROB LONGSTAFF with a fan
customizing belts DUKES
REMSPERGER VATTER” with his little ones – they are so sweet!!!
the HASHEMIS: on the left KAMI, on the right the master of bmx cycling KIAM, in the middle KAMI’s mum & dad
Alex & SABINE c/o PassionFrance®
my little LEVI with Sabine talking about knives
on the right UWE E. MAIER c/o AMTRAQ

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