since i got my beard soap from ALEX c/o because.blog as a present i use it daily for my beard. now it is going to the end and i was searching for an alternative soap because i could not find the TIMBER BEARD SOAP anymore. so i found the stuff from DR K SOAP COMPANY. all products are made by hand in cork, ireland, with 100% natural ingredients. when i ordered the beard soap i took a bundle with hair tonic. so using a beard tonic is new for me. before i cared my beard with a oil from OTTER WAX which is a very pleasurable feeling but the tonic is as good and it smells so f***ing perfect: like a walk through a fresh forest. and the soap … what a wonderful smell too – YUMMY! but read about the ingredients at DR K SOAP COMPANY site and discover more products. they ship all over the world. and don’t forget to watch the 3 minute video below: „Dr K’s Beard Care Products Save The Day!“ pics | LTG | vid | DR K SOAP COMPANY


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