Hi folks, sorry for a longer break @, but I was busy on the road. So three weeks ago I joined the International Barber Convention in Düsseldorf, Germany. I was booked to do some Social Media for Olli The Barber “Rock’n’Razor” and KMS. It was a great event. Crazy and best styled men – mostly –, pretty women – not many; it was a truly event for men! – and a lot of cool impressions. They choose the best location they could choose: Classic Remise, Düsseldorf, where vintage and extra ordinary cars are parked. To make it short: just take a look at some impressions. Thx. pics | LTG


I hate this f***ing and senseless discussion about having a beard or not, and even more talking about  being a hipster because having a beard … ??? A beard is just a beard! A sign of manliness, something you live with, something you have to care about … a part of you. I just feel sorry for those, who wear a beard as a sign of fashion or trend. Me, I wear different beard forms since the early 90s, but never without since this time. Everything started with a typical „GRUNGE” beard and I asserted that my head looked a bit smaller with it – an optical decision for the first time. I tried a lot of beard styles from the mustache over a “Coop” to this full beard today, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, sometimes fuller, sometimes straight. So my devise is: “STAY BEARDED” and show the world that your beard however it looks like is YOUR statement, YOUR statement of personality and not a f***ing fashion trend. I was so happy when I found this great snapback at the THE OLD STREET BARBER CO website. They do grooming products for bearded men. I will test these soon. The caps are limited editions. At the flat peak I am working on, because I don’t like this style so much. It is high quality made, THE OLD STREET BARBER CO labeled inside and the 3D “STAY BEARDED” embroidery is awesome. And great they give me 2 pins with the caps that made my day already! pics | LTG




Hi guys, first blog post 2016. I am sorry, but work was so hard and busy the first days of the new year. After a complete working through weekend it was such a pleasure to get a big parcel from SOUL OBJECTS BERLIN as a present – yes, as a present – this monday. What a superb surprise! Thank you so much soul sisters and brothers Melanie Rieman, Kornelius Werhahn-Mees and Oliver Hausner you made me really happy this day. What a perfect start for this week. And the best is, that I will have fun for weeks with this stuff. I noticed that the soul family send a lot of new products I do not know by now – exciting. I will try everything hard and tell you about the stuff at Life Time Gear. I am really curios about the new pomades from The Iron Society, Brooklyn. I got them all – 3 different sorts … YES! Also the products from The Brighton Beard Company make me very curios. Isn’t the design of the tins, the soap and the bags nice? Also the Laboratorio Avere La Barba products – MADE IN ITALY, inspired by the force and intelligence of nature  … Thanks again for this SOUL FOOD! pics | LTG


Some weeks ago I discovered the one and only TOWK “THE ONE WHO KNOCKS” POMADE by SHEAR REVIVAL. For me the absolute best pomade i ever used the last nearly 20 years. The consistency, the usage and this unique and perfect smell is unbeatable. I discovered TOWK at the wonderful done THE POMP site. Check the video below and you will see TOWK in use and a well done review. TOWK is made of beeswax, white petroleum, organic coconut oil, microcrystalline wax, jojoba oil, castor oil, fragrance oils. It is a traditional petro/oil based pomade. I need two washes to get it out. The hold is just perfect for my light hair: medium/firm and for me so important: the whole day renewable without using another portion of pomade. The smell is a killer: it is an oak aged bourbon scent with hints of oak, vanilla and coffee. Because of this IT KNOCKS! My mother told me that this pomade smells similar to the one her dad, my grandpa, used a long time ago – classic. The color ist light blue and it is made in Asbury, New Jersey, USA. The Blue Jacket Beard Oil is very nice too and for sure it is also pure organic made. The smell is very nice but not so KNOCKING and after use your beard is so smooth. Very fine. And the prices from Shear Revival are fine too! The problem for us Oversea-People is to get this wonderful stuff. Just directly from the states. But it is worthwhile!!! pics | LTG | © video |


What a wonderful book. A friend of mine ULI GASPER gave me the hint that i had to check this graphic novel as a beard lover. So I did. It is amazing. THE TIMES says “This book is a the same time a satire, a cut-off and a catastrophe film – an experience”. THE OBSERVER: “This book must be a classic”. THE GIGANTIC BEARD THAT WAS EVIL or in german, “Der gigantische Bart, der böse war” tells the story about Dave, who is living in a land called HERE, where all people live  a monotone and regulatory overkilled life. When Dave begins someday to think over the sense about this f***ing world he lives in, a gigantic beard begins to grow: a shocking occasion which made such a chaos to Dave’s life and the whole land he lives in. This graphic novel is a bow to these great names: ORWELL, KAFKA and GODZILLA. So exciting, so very well drawn – a wonderful book done by STEPHEN COLLINS who lives in London. 240 pages, hardcover, 21,5 x 30,5 cm big. pics | LTG


Some weeks ago my friend OLIVER WENKEL send me pics of wooden combs – maybe something interesting for LTG blog. And for sure I had to check up this stuff from “THE ORIGINAL BIG RED BEARD COMBS”. What i found @ their site was awesome! A lot of nice beard combs, oils, balms and other necessaries for the man with a hairy face. Everything designed so f***in’ nice. The consequence? I own 2 new beard combs and I am testing 2 new beard oils which make me happy every morning i use one of these. The combs are not only beautiful but great to handle too. So lightweight and so nice to touch. And they work perfect – it was never so easy to treat the beard. My sailor jerry style pin up girl engraved comb No.9 is “crafted with a laminated technology, which ensures that your comb is made as tough as possible. The comb is made from a total of five layers,  with the two inner layers running perpendicular to the face layers to add rigidity and strength to the teeth and body of the comb. With this process we’ve drastically increased the strength to ensure your comb will be around for quite some time.” The combs are made from Canadian wood cut down by Lumberjacks. No plastic here only 100% all natural lumber and believe me: You’ll feel the difference. And Oliver, thx for the hint again. pics | LTG


i was really surprised when i got the package full of these utmost organic grooming products from the BROOKLYN SOAP COMPANY. rarely i got such a tasteful packed box and not to mention the look of the bottles – awesome! one of the best designs of grooming products i ever saw. and every bottle has its own handwritten paper which person from the company filled it up and a hand stamped date how long the product can be used – love this! this means something personal and human to me in this f***ing fast digital and cursory times. all products are “cooked home-style” with natural and organic ingredients. the statement “born in brooklyn – made in germany”, in HAMBURG, i do not understand really – couldn’t find any information about this. hm, anyway all products are developed and made in germany. the ingredients, even the bottles and the other hardware come from german manufactures. for more information please check their site. i got the bodywash, shampoo and beardwash – all products are since 3 days in use. the beard and the bodywash work perfect and the smell is really exciting fresh but at the same so smooth and cushy. with the shampoo i am a bit doubtful because i am using pomade, LAYRITE, a water soluble one, but i have to work it out hard. maybe i just have to take some more shampoo, hotter water … – i don’t know, i will test it. it is a pity that the pomade and the deodorant are sold out; curios to test these too. beside, in 2014 the company won the REDDOT AWARD – congrats! pics | LTG


damn, what a f***. i hate this senseless discussions about “to have a beard” or “to have not a beard” or “is a beard just fashion, a hipster thing or not”. F*** off, for those who speak and discuss about such a holy shit it is indeed fashion shit. best are men who ask their friends or girlfriend if they should grow a beard: shame on you, pussies! a beard should be a part of you, something you wear with proud, something you wear with total conviction. a beard is not a shirt or a sock you change everyday … it is something individual. look at the pics below from the new german men magazine “MANUAL”. again this shitty discussion. and take a look at the poor man with out his beard. all forms of beards and mustaches made him looking so individual. after a complete shaving he says himself: “I feel like a man without a face”. yes, sir you are so right, but ask your girl friend if you should let grow a beard again. great the statement at the end of the story of the magazine:“for future times: topless is the new cool”. maybe: for pussies and hipster … believe me, i wear my beard more than 25 years, sometimes shorter,  sometimes longer and in 24 years no one talked and wrote about beards so much as in the last 12 months – it is boring, it gets on my nervs, i hate it! pics | © MANUAL MAGINE #01


since i got my beard soap from ALEX c/o as a present i use it daily for my beard. now it is going to the end and i was searching for an alternative soap because i could not find the TIMBER BEARD SOAP anymore. so i found the stuff from DR K SOAP COMPANY. all products are made by hand in cork, ireland, with 100% natural ingredients. when i ordered the beard soap i took a bundle with hair tonic. so using a beard tonic is new for me. before i cared my beard with a oil from OTTER WAX which is a very pleasurable feeling but the tonic is as good and it smells so f***ing perfect: like a walk through a fresh forest. and the soap … what a wonderful smell too – YUMMY! but read about the ingredients at DR K SOAP COMPANY site and discover more products. they ship all over the world. and don’t forget to watch the 3 minute video below: „Dr K’s Beard Care Products Save The Day!“ pics | LTG | vid | DR K SOAP COMPANY


really funny. i got my beard since 19 years. not always so full as today and the last 5 years but every time more than a mustache. my wife just knows me from photos without having a beard. we are married more than 17 years. but i never found such a lot of beard grooming stuff or styling hints and even men with beards around me than the last 2 years. 2 weeks ago ALEX from because blog send me a wonderful beard soap, i did not tried yet because of the nice look. i wont fuck this up. last friday OLLI THE BARBER gave me the OTTER WAX beard oil for testing. one day before i ordered MR. BEAR BEARD OIL from sweden – that’s life. i did a little comparison of both oils. by the way: if you have a full beard i just can advise you to use an oil. your beard hair is getting smooth and bright. and it is so cool to smell the fresh air blowing up your mind straight from your chin.the package design of OTTER is unbeatable, but the closing of the bottle is really f***ing bad. after in use for 2 times the cover got broken and so you cannot close it correctly any more. MR. BEAR’s bottle design is so shitty that it is really funny and good again. it’s charming – i like it. okay, the bottle looks like a nose drop bottle but the idea with the pump is perfect. so the bottle does not get grease and oily. closing of the bottle works perfect. in use both oils are really great. your beard thanks this grooming to you. it gets a smooth and lightly grip and pleasant log fragrance. OTTER WAX smells so pure for nature: cedar, vetiver, pepper.  you think you walk through a forest by smelling it. MR. BEAR smells natural too but fresher. i got the CITRUS BEAR BREW. the ALL NATURAL OTTER WAX beard oil is made in the USA, MR BEAR comes from sweden. give your beard a try! pics | LTG