I hate this f***ing and senseless discussion about having a beard or not, and even more talking about  being a hipster because having a beard … ??? A beard is just a beard! A sign of manliness, something you live with, something you have to care about … a part of you. I just feel sorry for those, who wear a beard as a sign of fashion or trend. Me, I wear different beard forms since the early 90s, but never without since this time. Everything started with a typical „GRUNGE” beard and I asserted that my head looked a bit smaller with it – an optical decision for the first time. I tried a lot of beard styles from the mustache over a “Coop” to this full beard today, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, sometimes fuller, sometimes straight. So my devise is: “STAY BEARDED” and show the world that your beard however it looks like is YOUR statement, YOUR statement of personality and not a f***ing fashion trend. I was so happy when I found this great snapback at the THE OLD STREET BARBER CO website. They do grooming products for bearded men. I will test these soon. The caps are limited editions. At the flat peak I am working on, because I don’t like this style so much. It is high quality made, THE OLD STREET BARBER CO labeled inside and the 3D “STAY BEARDED” embroidery is awesome. And great they give me 2 pins with the caps that made my day already! pics | LTG




damn, what a f***. i hate this senseless discussions about “to have a beard” or “to have not a beard” or “is a beard just fashion, a hipster thing or not”. F*** off, for those who speak and discuss about such a holy shit it is indeed fashion shit. best are men who ask their friends or girlfriend if they should grow a beard: shame on you, pussies! a beard should be a part of you, something you wear with proud, something you wear with total conviction. a beard is not a shirt or a sock you change everyday … it is something individual. look at the pics below from the new german men magazine “MANUAL”. again this shitty discussion. and take a look at the poor man with out his beard. all forms of beards and mustaches made him looking so individual. after a complete shaving he says himself: “I feel like a man without a face”. yes, sir you are so right, but ask your girl friend if you should let grow a beard again. great the statement at the end of the story of the magazine:“for future times: topless is the new cool”. maybe: for pussies and hipster … believe me, i wear my beard more than 25 years, sometimes shorter,  sometimes longer and in 24 years no one talked and wrote about beards so much as in the last 12 months – it is boring, it gets on my nervs, i hate it! pics | © MANUAL MAGINE #01


since i got my beard soap from ALEX c/o because.blog as a present i use it daily for my beard. now it is going to the end and i was searching for an alternative soap because i could not find the TIMBER BEARD SOAP anymore. so i found the stuff from DR K SOAP COMPANY. all products are made by hand in cork, ireland, with 100% natural ingredients. when i ordered the beard soap i took a bundle with hair tonic. so using a beard tonic is new for me. before i cared my beard with a oil from OTTER WAX which is a very pleasurable feeling but the tonic is as good and it smells so f***ing perfect: like a walk through a fresh forest. and the soap … what a wonderful smell too – YUMMY! but read about the ingredients at DR K SOAP COMPANY site and discover more products. they ship all over the world. and don’t forget to watch the 3 minute video below: „Dr K’s Beard Care Products Save The Day!“ pics | LTG | vid | DR K SOAP COMPANY